Revamp your resolutions for 2022


25th Jan 2022 Life

Revamp your resolutions for 2022

With January over, how are your resolutions holding up? If you're already struggling, here are a few ideas that go beyond fad diets and fitness challenges, and into the realm of fun and creativity, to help you out.

Plant parenting 101

house plants in a sunny lounge with large open window
Photo by Kate Darmody on Unsplash

Since the pandemic began, many turned to house plants to get them through the sudden increase of time spent at home. A great resolution for plant parents in 2022 is to take better care of their plants: making sure they’re positioned in the correct place, watered according to their needs, and checked in on weekly are all great places to start, says Elin Harryson, in-house plant expert at Planta, the Swedish plant care app.

Elin recommends that plant owners monitor for negative changes in plants, too, as spring approaches: dark spots, lack of growth, or change in texture are all indicators of declining plant health that must be acted on swiftly.

Additionally, be sure to include your plants in your spring cleaning routine, too! Gently shower, steam and wipe down dusty leaves to help your greenery fully absorb the bright, spring sun, and re-pot thriving plants so they have more room to expand in the upcoming growing season, to ensure your plants keep thriving for the year ahead.


Shopping and selling sustainably

woman's arm rifling through vintage clothing on a rack
Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

One of the best goals you can make for the year ahead, for both your wallet and the environment, is to shop and sell more sustainably. Eirik Rime, co-founder and CEO at Tise the sustainable Norwegian buying/reselling platform and social marketplace, notes that committing to buying specific items, such as jeans, coats, or occasion-specific outfits, can help make this goal easier.

Additionally, utilise digital reselling platforms to sustainably pass on your unwanted items, instead of throwing them out into landfills. Ensure you set search alerts and ask for key information like an item’s measurements and materials before purchasing, so you know you’ll be happy with what you receive in the mail.


Language learning

Neon "hola" sign
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

If you are travelling abroad in 2022, or want to pick up a useful new skill, then learning a language is the ideal resolution for you.

The key to sticking to any goal is to break it down into manageable chunks. Even setting aside 10 minutes each day to work on your vocabulary can be effective if you are consistent.

Esteban Touma, language teacher and Babbel Live content producer notes that: “Varying the methods you use to learn can also be useful. For instance, watching a TV show in another language can be a good way to get used to understanding a language in its natural context, and podcasts or video games are also good options. However you learn, the key is to make your language learning routine work for you, so that you can develop studying into a regular habit.”


Surprising skills

pouring a cosmpolitan cocktail
Photo by Jenny Pace on Unsplash

Starting a new year can be a great opportunity to learn a new or unusual skill, especially considering that doing so releases the feel-good hormone dopamine, and helps to boost cognitive function, too.

From brushing up on wine skills to impressing friends at dinner parties with your knowledge on mixology and cocktail making, online resources like Quizlet, instructional Youtube videos, or niche experts on social platforms like TikTok are all great ways to help you find your new passion in 2022.


Pet pampering

golden retriever dog being washed in a bathtub
Photo by Autri Taheri on Unsplash

The back and forth rules of lockdown and quarantine have made it hard for pets who are lacking consistent, quality time with their owners. To help pet parents keep their animal companions happy and healthy this year, Lee Gibson, UK managing director of Pets4Homes, the UK’s largest pet rehoming site, recommends that pet parents consider boosting their pets' mood and health by making a few resolutions tailored to their furry friends.

Dog owners, for example, are highly social, so owners can keep them occupied by playing games or using interactive toys or puzzles with them or even just making sure to avoid being distracted by your phone around them. Cat owners can invest in toys and accessories that will stimulate their cats mentally and physically, such as lick mats and sensory toys that crinkle and rustle, to help them stay both active and sharp.

Helping your pet acclimate to separation is another excellent resolution that will help to stave off anxiety, regardless of what type of pet you have. You can do this by leaving your pet alone in a room for a few seconds before re-entering. Increasing this alone time gradually over time can help animals get used to being on their own, with time.


Giving challenge

volunteering for charity

Taking a personal charity pledge is a great way to give back and make an impact in 2022, however, finding a charity to commit to can be a challenge in and of itself. Nina Siemiatkowski, CEO and founder of giving platform Milkywire recommends reviewing the causes that matter the most to you and researching nonprofits that work in that area, as the first port of call.

Giving to locally-rooted nonprofits can be a particularly good way to ensure that what you give has a tangible impact on the ground. Additionally, it can also be helpful to donate through platforms that take a transparent approach to giving, so that you can see exactly how your donations are being used, and the good that comes with them.

Remember that if finances are tight, your time is a valuable resource that you can donate, too!

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