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Ramneek Sidhu continues to service Hollywood/Bollywood legends


2nd Dec 2021 Life

Ramneek Sidhu continues to service Hollywood/Bollywood legends

The glamour and bright lights of Hollywood and its Indian counterpart Bollywood may seem inaccessible to the masses.

Still, the truth is that these incredible individuals and talented people are usually supported behind-the-scenes by digital marketing agencies.

With 4.57 million people on social media as of 2020, it’s never been a more celebrity-driven culture than what we have now. Celebrities have legions of devoted fans, but the way that they connect to those fans is all down to a good, reliable digital marketing agency, like, for example, the one run by Ramneek Sidhu.

Ramneek is the CEO of a UAE-based digital marketing company called “Digital Kings“, and the man himself is one of the most significant driving forces for the success of the company. With a primary client list grounded in the world of celebrities and people of influence, it’s not difficult to imagine that Digital Kings caters to some of the most elite in both Hollywood and Bollywood.

To continue providing his clients with the best services, Sidhu actively continues to further his education by researching some of the latest digital marketing trends and committing to constant learning. The hustle is one of the primary drives of this man’s life, and it has yielded considerable success.

His links to social media are evident, as one need only look at the extensive network of contacts built up across Facebook and Instagram. Considering that the majority of celebrities are known through their social media accounts, and 89% of prospective business partners and sponsors have a social media presence, this network is one of his key assets when servicing his clients.

Digital marketing is becoming the dominant way to connect celebrities and people of influence with fans and businesses. As the shift towards the digital world becomes even more commonplace, the need for digital marketing services continues to rise. It is companies like Digital Kings that have positioned themselves in an ideal space where they can be the first point of contact for celebrities.

For people like Ramneek, forward progress is just part of a strong commitment to the hustle. His unwavering determination to better himself for the sake of bettering his services is commendable to say the least. It’s not at surprising that so many of the Bollywood and Hollywood crowd are investing into the company.

The future of digital marketing is bright for companies like Digital Kings. Their primary focus at the moment will be on expansion, making sure that they can continue to service existing clients and seek out new celebrities and influences to forge relationships with. As social media and connecting with celebrity culture becomes even more popular, these individuals will need strong representation in order to build positive relationships with their fan bases.

 Of course, for Ramneek, this is all according to plan. Everything is proceeding exactly as he has foreseen it, which is largely down to his incredible understanding of both the industry and the trends that it will begin to exhibit.

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