Rajat Malhotra, A ray of hope for humanity


1st Jun 2021 Life

Rajat Malhotra,  A ray of hope for humanity

The prevalence of good and bad on earth is since day one. God has gifted people with the combination of intellect and conscience to differentiate between right and wrong.

But people's choice to choose between the two is totally dependent on them. It is sad to see that the world today is going towards darkness. The indulgence and involvement of people in wrongdoings are increasing day by day. From honor killings to racial discrimination to injustices, the world is sinking under the weights of these major social issues.

It is said that there is always a counter for the wrong. So, there are people who never abandon the right path and are determined to make the world a better place. One of these personalities is Rajat Malhotra. He is a peace initiator and is working actively towards improving the image of Islam.


The topic of Islam has become a taboo subject in many countries. The negative image that the media has portrayed of this particular sect has impacted the lives of many. Countries that have Muslims as a minority are facing major racist problems. They are degraded and disregarded by the majority. They are judged solely on the basis of the actions of a few extremists. After the United States of America, many other countries in the world are facing the issue of 'Islamophobia.' And one of these countries is India.

India is considered one of the fastest developing countries but is unfortunately tangled when it comes to religion. Dwelling in India, Rajat Malhotra has deep insights and knowledge about the growing social issues in his country, one of which is Islamophobia. Although Muslims have been an integral part of the Indian culture and history, people today are becoming intolerant towards this sect. According to him, people believe in the news broadcasted by the media. The extremists have painted a negative image about Islam, which is affecting people's behavior with the Muslim minority. Rajat holds an MBA and a degree of M.A in Islamic History and is also a Ph.D. holder in 'A Study of the Arabian Society After the Advent of Islam With Specific Reference to the Life of Prophet Muhammad' (2019). He has immense knowledge about Islam and its teachings. For him, it is a religion of peace and not terrorism, and he wants to preach and show the world the real image of Islam.

Efforts to Change People's Perception About Islam

Guided by Maulana Wahiuddin Khan, Rajat has clear concepts about this religion. He is well aware of its teachings and tries to impart everything that he has learned to the people around him. Maulana's teachings and discussion changed Rajat's point of view about Islam drastically. Belonging from a conservative society that deemed Muslims as the wrong people, Rajat too believed the same. It was truly because of the right path shown by Maulana Wahiuddun to Rajat that he was able to see Islam from a unique perspective. As an experienced motivational speaker, this 46-year-old individual targets the younger audience to clear their doubts about Islam and educate them that it is not a religion of hatred. He joined the Centre for Peace and Spirituality International (CPS International) as a disciple of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan in 2001 and was also one of the founding members of CPS International. He accompanied Maulana on various events and supported his aim of making the world a safe place for Muslims. He later became its Global International Coordinator and began giving speeches and making public appearances.

One of CPS's most famous public appearances was at the Trident Oberoi Hotel, remembering the 26/11 Anniversary Attack Program in Mumbai. As Muslims were blatantly blamed for this attack, Rajat's clarity on this issue brought him under the spotlight. His efforts to clean the tarnished image of Islam were covered by major Indian channels such as ETV Urdu and Zee Salaam and reputable platforms such as Times of India and Siasat.com, daily hunt.

As an advocate of interfaith harmony, Rajat has been doing a Q&A program with CPS International Founder for more than a decade. Renowned Indian channels such as Indian Television ETV (Urdu) and Zee Salaam aired his programs and speeches. He has also involved himself in making educational videos that would slowly develop a sense of humanity towards the people practicing Islam.

Malhotra, with his efforts to build a positive image of Islam, is a learned individual and an aspiring leader of peace. He is still working towards the cause and hopes to see a change in people very soon.

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