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Preparing aspiring firefighters to serve humanity


29th Apr 2021 Life

Preparing aspiring firefighters to serve humanity

Every person has a purpose in life. For some individuals, the reason for existence is associated with business—significant and fulfilling work.

There are people for whom the motivation lies in their family or companions’ duties. For some people, the purpose lies in a soul’s spiritual awakening. Even though every soul enters the world with a purpose, not everyone discovers it early in life. Some people may discover their purpose early, while others spend years in its search.

All one needs is the motivation to keep the search on and not get tired. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest task. The source of motivation for people changes with their personality’s evolution. This is where the real challenge lies – to align the life with its purpose even when the circumstances change, including an individual’s personality and mindset. Brent Clayton, a firefighter by profession, is one such individual who found his purpose early in life and kept working to fulfill it. His skills and dedication, combined with great fortune, enabled him to master his profession. The deeper he went into the profession, the more he realized its significance. He wanted to inspire firefighters and help them to contribute to society.


Addressing the restlessness of the soul

Born on March 03, 1984, Clayton hugely felt the need to serve others. As a human heart stays restless until it finds solace, Clayton’s soul wants to help people and be of value to the world. He followed his mission in life and acquired his Diploma in Public Safety. He gradually realized the importance of securing people’s lives, which strengthened his faith in his mission. Clayton further pursued his bachelor’s/masters from The University of Melbourne and Federation University. Clayton loved to work for a living. He wanted to make his goal achievable and acquired professional training as a professional fireman, Clayton worked in the military for a period before moving into a role with the prison service as a Prison Guard as the youngest person to ever be employed by the service at the time.

After spending a decade in the fire service including training and recruitment, he gained enough experience to become Australia’s most prominent fire service recruitment expert. Clayton dedicated many years of his life to the firefighter recruitment process and fire service industry. He wanted people to realize the true value of this profession by establishing its noteworthiness. To communicate his perspective, Clayton established Fire Recruitment Australia in 2009. He aimed to train the next generation and prepare them for the future. Clayton used his experience and years-long training to prepare candidates who were as enthusiastic about the wellbeing of the world as him. According to Clayton, the self-esteem of aspiring firefighters deteriorates when they are rejected during the recruitment process. It impacts the determination of these individuals when in a lot of cases these people usually only lack the right information and training if the determination is there.

Keeping the point in mind, Clayton started demystifying the recruitment process for those that had the drive and willingness to dedicate themselves to the journey. He made sure that a candidate entering the process could be sure they were giving themselves the best chance possible, leaving nothing to chance and knowing at the end of the process they had given their best possible effort. Initially, Clayton wrote the book “Fire service recruitment – The Process To Success”. His idea was to consolidate his learnings into an easy to understand and implement medium so others didn’t have to waste years wondering what to do when applying to become a firefighter. After the success of the book, Clayton introduced candidates to a comprehensive test preparation and learning suite to facilitate success throughout each stage of the selection process. This platform helped him as well as his candidates to work together for the betterment of themselves and ultimately society at large. His coaching sessions allowed him to ease the burden of the recruitment process and identify the candidate’s best opportunities and strengths going into a demanding process and eventual role as a professional firefighter.

Clayton found a void in the market where candidates had a need of counsel to help them transition into dynamic professional firefighters.  Clayton understood the importance of career counseling and introduced candidates to his Fire Service Recruitment program called Fire Recruitment Australia. He designed the program in a way that was specific and targeted to the different fire services from around Australia & New Zealand. Crafting his experience in the right direction, Clayton figured out that more people are interested in pursuing the profession to help humanity. He then decided to team up with the best brains in recruitment from around Australia to ensure the system he had created would stand the test of time, keep up with recruitment methods and provide his students with what he had set out to do on day 1, “Give them the best chance on earth of succeeding”

Understanding the importance of serving humanity

Through his website, Clayton aims to attract dedicated, committed & community minded people. His goal is to build a robust team of future firefighters who will strengthen the fire service and the community and continue the legacy of serving humanity. While he was training and building a solid team, Clayton encountered a situation. When Australia faced a huge fire incident in 2019/2020, huge amounts of firefighters were required. Unfortunately, the firefighters were not enough to handle the situation. As a result, overcoming the difficult situation became a struggle for the country.

In a country with more than 25 million, the number of professional firefighters was deficient. Clayton’s intended legacy for Fire Recruitment Australia is to prepare our fire services with the best candidates in order to increase capacity and capability for such unexpected circumstances into the future.

As mentioned Brent Clayton’s book explaining the process of how to become a professional firefighter. From establishing yourself as a desired candidate to passing the cognitive and psychological assessments & grueling physical tests, the book Fire Services Recruitment: The Process to Success is an absolute necessity to any serious aspiring firefighter.

Clayton’s long-lasting determination for aiding individuals in a devoting manner has helped the general public everywhere. His enthusiasm reflects in his aims. Being a strong individual, Clayton has already coached hundreds of people personally & tens of thousands through his prolific test preparation platforms. He dreams of building strong fire services through robust recruitment of aspiring firefighters that will further the cause to serve humanity by valuing their own skills, attributes and attitudes as well as their occupation of professional firefighter.

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