9 Most popular Mother's Day gifts

BY Alice and Ben from RISE Coffee

8th Mar 2024 Life

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9 Most popular Mother's Day gifts
Mother's Day is almost here and these are the most popular gifts that people are getting their mums, according to Google trend data
Mother's Day is the time to celebrate the incredible women who raised us, and it can be difficult to find a gift that shows just how much you appreciate your mum. According to Google trend data, searches for “mothers day gifts” have risen by 2000% in the last month.
With Mother’s Day nearly upon us, a lot of people are looking for last minute presents – but it’s not too late! The founders of RISE Coffee reveal the nine most popular Mother’s Day gifts according to Google trend data, to give you some inspiration.

1. The gift of relaxation

6900 per cent search increase for “spa voucher”
For the mum who is always rushing around, looking after everyone but herself, a day of pampering, rest, and relaxation at the spa is the perfect gift. Your mum deserves a break, and many spas offer special Mother’s Day packages with relaxing massages and facials.
"Your mum deserves a break, and many spas offer special, relaxing Mother’s Day packages "
Book her in for a day for some pampering, or buy her a voucher than she can redeem when she can fit it in her busy schedule.

2. Say it with flowers

Lots of bunches of flowers
1250 per cent search increase for “mothers day flowers”
Flowers are a classic Mother's Day gift for a reason, and an arrangement of her favourite blooms is sure to bring a smile to her face.
You don’t have to spend hundreds on expensive bouquets; you can make your own arrangement with a couple of bunches from the supermarket, and wrap them in brown paper for a sophisticated look on a budget.  

3. Keep the gifts coming 

1200 per cent search increase for “subscription gifts”
Why give one gift when you can give her a gift every month? Subscription gifts are more popular than ever, and there's a subscription option for every type of mum—it’s no longer just about magazines and beauty boxes.
"Subscription gifts include flowers, gins of the month and fresh coffee beans from independent roasters"
From flowers to gins of the month, and even fresh coffee beans from independent roasters. You can show your appreciation for all she does for the whole year, rather than just one day.

4. Spend some quality time 

Afternoon tea
9800 per cent search increase for “mother’s day day out”
It’s lovely to get presents, but what your mum probably wants more than everything is to spend some quality time with you.
Treat her to a day out with an activity she’ll love, whether she’s into wine tasting (searches up by 223 per cent) or an elegant afternoon tea (357 per cent rise in searches). Or spend the day at home, letting her put her feet up while you cook her favourite meal!

5. Something personal

7000 per cent search increase for “personalised jewellery”
Personalised jewellery is thoughtful and sentimental gift that your mum can treasure forever.
"Consider a necklace engraved with her initials or her birthstone, or the initials of all her children"
Consider a necklace engraved with her initials or her birthstone, or try something to make her think of you, with your birthstone, or the initials of all her children. A charm bracelet is also a great option, as you can continue to add meaningful charms to her collection each year.

6. Get crafty 

Woman knitting a scarf
6000 per cent search increase for “mother’s day craft”
If you’re crafty, your mum will love the thoughtful and unique touch of a handmade gift.
From some handmade jewellery, a knitted scarf, to artwork or a scrapbook full of memories—creating something shows how much you care, and something handmade is the perfect gift for your children to give their grandparent too!

7. Make a pamper hamper 

500 per cent search increase for “self care gifts”
If you're not crafty but you'd still like to give something DIY, try making your own "pamper hamper" with all her favourite beauty and self-care products. Include her favourite bubble bath, face masks, candles and perfume.
You can buy pre-made self-care boxes and pamper hampers online, but creating one yourself allows you to tailor make it to her, and show that you pay attention to the things she loves.

8. Caffeine buzz 

1800 per cent search increase for “coffee gifts”
Mother and daughter drinking coffee together
If your mum prefers a coffee over a cuppa, treat her to her favourite way to start the day. Put together a hamper with her favourite beans, with a personalised mug, and maybe some new equipment like a moka pot or a new cafetiere—or even add a cocktail shaker and some extra ingredients to put together the perfect expresso martini.
Sign her up to a coffee bean subscription when she can get new coffee delivered once a month from independent roasters; she’ll think of you and know how much you love her, as she sips on her coffee every single day.

9. Booze-free beverages 

146 per cent search increase for “alcohol free champagne”
Raise a toast to your wonderful mum in style, but without the hangover. Non-alcoholic alternatives to cocktails and spirits have been growing in popularity in the past few years, and alcohol-free champagne is the perfect way to celebrate if you're trying to cut back on booze.
If your mum isn’t a fan of bubbles, try making your own alcohol-free cocktails for a sophisticated and sober happy hour.
Banner photo: George Dolgikh

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