Podcaster Shane L. Waters causes a stir with his voice


25th Aug 2021 Life

Podcaster Shane L. Waters causes a stir with his voice

When an individual decides to create change, it manifests a ripple effect and enunciates a transformation in the world.

Shane Logan Waters has taken the step to commence an environment that makes people question and probe themselves and their surroundings. The life of Waters has been layered with multiple facets as he has studied Forensic Psychology from Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis, in 2008 and is an investigative crime journalist. Born on June 20th, 1989, in Muncie, Indiana, Waters grew up with a ravenous want to know more about all the hidden aspects of society that have been shunned. There are many incidents that may make an individual feel that there is no justice in this world yet when they are underlined, there is little chance that they may occur again.

By talking about murders and heinous crimes committed by individuals, Waters wants to highlight the injustice that has occurred by taking advantage of the vulnerable. Waters owns Arc Light Media based in Wabash, Indiana, and stars in the Amazon Prime series "Chasing Evil." By using his voice, Waters has created a persona that emits an aura of sophistication and class that can be seen once an individual listens to his multiple shows on Foul Play. With the podcast, Foul Play, Waters has taken a bold step as he deeply analyzes the situations and what factors led to the catastrophic incidents. The occurrences need to be stressed on as they put light on the horrendous acts that are committed and carried out just to feel superior.


The element of mystery

Waters has released six non-fictional shows under his podcast Foul Play with the name of Throwaways, Lonely Hearts, The Maxwells, The Maps, Sister Cathy, and Redhead Murders. By inhibiting the emotions of real-life incidents, Waters, with his eerie and unnerving voice, describes the incidents that occurred in the 1980s under Foul Play with the show The Maps. Foul Play was founded in 2014 and is hosted by Waters, Wendy Cee, and Gemma Hoskins. The show The Maps describes the life of Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog, who went on a killing spree in Linden, California. The hosts have aptly described the gruesome murders committed by Shermantine and Herzog by painting a grotesque picture that one can imagine and feel.

Both the killers had a history of violent behaviors that they encountered within their homes by their parents. This further aggravated the murderous appetite of Shermantine and Herzog, who mutilated, killed, and maimed over 60 people in the span of 15 years. The Maps probes the listener to wonder what factors led the two serial killers to roam freely while committing mass murders. Both Shermantine and Herzog would hunt animals and then went on to hunt humans with their rifles and other weapons that they used to rile up their hunger. During Waters' investigation, he talked to the victims' families in great detail to unearth the story of injustice.

History is a mystery no more

Along with Foul Play, there are two more podcasts named Hometown History and It's Frightful are run by Arc Light Media which have had millions of listeners. Hometown History is hosted by Waters and written by Nicholas De Neff, who spend innumerable hours researching and discovering hometowns that have been forgotten over time. With a lot of informative facts and revelations, there is much to learn from Hometown History. When a person decides to make a difference in the world, they begin to make a collective change that manifests a revolution. Waters has taken a similar action that wholeheartedly allows him to transform his surroundings. Waters wants to impact the world with his creativity, and he has done that successfully with his podcasts.

Waters has used his voice to highlight the voiceless. The victims of Shermantine and Herzog were ruthlessly murdered, abused and as they died without any apparent reason, the murders got pleasure out of it while they abused drugs. The family members of the victims had been worried and concerned about their loved ones. In reality, the victims were no more, and they were searching in the dark. The family members were unsure whether the loved ones were dead or just missing for a long time. The apprehension and worry that the family members of the victims felt can not even be fathomed. Waters took the initiative and stepped up to let the family members know that they were not alone and had support. To understand the psyche of Shermantine and Herzog, it was essential to investigate their history so similar patterns of behavior can be recognized and new killers are stopped from being created.

When it is frightening

The podcast It's Frightful covers horror stories that include paranormal activity, creepy encounters, sleep paralysis, and stalkers that people have experienced. Samii and friends initially narrated it, and now Waters has taken over its narration. When the world is filled with horrific incidents, there needs to be an outlet that shares them to be more aware. The podcast can be listened to on the Arc Light Media website and other audio platforms. From fictional stories to real-life experiences, It's Frightful explores the disturbing and spine-chilling facets of society. Waters has made an iconic mark on the entertainment industry and has highlighted those stories that need to be heard more routinely.

It isn't easy to maintain the element of surprise and gripping the audience until the last minute of each episode of the podcast, yet Waters and his team have done an impeccable job. With a script that can describe all the gory details, Waters has managed to capture the attention of his listeners. As horror is a genre that needs a lot of mystery to captivate the audience, there needs to be enthusiasm and commitment by individuals who write stories to entertain. Waters has shown true dedication with his execution of horror and mystery in his work and made his listeners be on the edge of their seats. By keeping the listeners hooked to his shows, Waters has made people realize that he can craft art that is impactful and carries value.

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