Planning a long road trip?

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15th Nov 2017 Life

Planning a long road trip?

Here are the best fuel efficient cars you can find!

With the holiday season approaching fast, more and more families will be planning road trips. No doubt it is an opportunity for the family to get together with their loved ones but the trip may soon turn to be not so ‘loved’ after a few hours drive in the wrong car.

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To help you turn your trip into something amazing here is a list of best affordable cars around:

Ford Fusion

If you are looking for a comfortable car which can accommodate your family with enough space then the Ford Fusion should be on your list. The car is economic from a fuel consumption perspective and returns 30 mpg hwy from the base version to the sporty one to the hybrid one. The car comes with better interior space and a big trunk just right to accommodate enough people and luggage. The car comes with standard equipment, anti-lock brakes, backup cameras, alloy wheels, USB port, airbags and automatic headlights. Ford has a number of other cars too like the Ford Focus for example. You can easily check  the reviews on all Ford cars by visiting Dealer Reviews.

Honda Accord

There are a very few cars in the market which can boast of all the features that a Honda Accord possess. If you are looking for an affordable option you can go for the base model LX. On the other hand if you are looking for a luxurious option they have some high-end options too which comes with features such as lane-keep assist, a forward-collision warning system, a navigation system and adaptive cruise control. Among the midsize sedans Accord is considered the best for re-sale value and dependability. The car comes with excellent fuel economy and the gas mileage is impressive.

Honda CR-V

It is a fact that Honda CR-V was not on the list of cars which can be used for families but the latest model will defintely make that list. The CR-V comes with a large cargo area and roomy interior which can  make long trips more comfortable. Alot of people prefer the middle level EX model which comes with keyless access push button, power sunroof, backup camera, a 7-touchscreen, heated front seats and blind spot monitoring system.

Jeep Cherokee

If this brings to mind an old boxy, truck like SUV, then forget it right now! This car is quite stylish and comes with sleek design which offers the best of technology. Fuel economy which comes with 4-cylinder versions touting 31 mpg hwy. Compared to compact crossovers, Cherokee is larger with better interior and cargo space. The price is economical too and the medium range comes with a heated steering wheel, leather upholstery, side-curtain airbags, a remote starter and dual-zone automatic climate control.

"You shoul definitely consider Hyundai Tucson as it is the best compact crossover right now in the market"

Hyundai Tucson

You shoul definitely consider Hyundai Tucson as it is the best compact crossover right now in the market. If you are not aware of the car then thats no surpise as it was not competitive in the market before. The newest model comes with roomy interior, a smooth ride, excellent fuel economy and an affordable price tag. The Tucson Eco comes with 10-year powertrain warranty, some desirable features add a smooth dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Kia Optima

This model was completely redesigned last year and comes with some added features. The car offers better fuel economy and with this car you can enjoy keyless access, smooth dual-clutch automatic transmission, an excellent 10-year warranty and a comfortable cabin.

When choosing a car for long road trips with your family it's always good to think about the beneficial features along with cost-effectiveness.

Keep these cars in mind and have an amazing road trip this festive season!