Online food shopping: Food delivery as the new lifeline


1st Dec 2021 Life

Online food shopping: Food delivery as the new lifeline

Food is an essential part of our survival. We eat to live. But is this statement true in this new era? Is food a mere survival kit in the modern age?

The answer is a big no. We have moved way ahead of a society that ‘eats to live’. Now we live in an era that ‘lives to eat’.

Food is not just essential for our survival; rather it has taken a much crucial space in our life. It has always been an object of joy, but lately, it has turned out to be an object of fascination as well. Our palate has gone through a transformation and is craving to savor a wide array of food. Since time is money in our fast-paced life; food delivery or online food shopping has turned out to be the new lifeline.

Food delivery services as the new lifeline

How we eat is changing drastically. A few years back, food delivery was limited to pizzas and a few Chinese dishes. But the advanced technologies, user-friendly apps, and the internet have dramatically changed the restaurant industry and delivery platforms. Now everything is available within our reach.

So, let us look at the various feature of food delivery that makes it so popular.



It is a fact that all of us are having a very busy schedule. In many families, both of the partners are working and may not have enough time to cook food. Neither do they have time to go out and order their food from outside. In such situations, online food delivery comes in handy. Apps like Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash, deliver restaurant food to the customers at a very little additional cost.

The previous mode of ordering food through phone calls had many problems. There were higher chances for the order to go wrong. The online mode of ordering food through the app is more convenient. The customers need not go outside and wait in long queues. One could buy their favorite food by sitting in any part of the world. This also helps in reducing the expenses of travel.

Compare and save money

One advantage of shopping online at a website or using an app is that it gives you an easy platform to check different stores and compare their price. You can look into the price rates of products from various stores and find the best option.

Increased options

Restaurants and other food markets are now handling online ordering and delivery in different ways. While some restaurants do it independently through their restaurant apps and websites, others do it with the help of third-party platforms. The crispy and delicious food item from your favorite restaurant has started to deliver their food through the apps. By partnering with companies like Grubhub and Uber Eats, a large number of local diners and restaurants have started to participate in online food ordering. This expanded the consumer’s options, allowing them to taste and order a wide range of food from a large array of restaurants. It is estimated that the growth of the online food ordering and delivery sector in the past years has risen to 42% of the total restaurant sales.

No pressure buying

Every business thrives on promotion. The restaurant and grocery industry are no different. When we enter a shop, we can see promotional videos and pallets on display. These pallets are strategically placed in the shop to allure the customers to it. Most often the customers get enticed by these promotions and end up buying the product. Usually, we end up buying things that we don’t use.

With online shopping, we do not buy a product on our impulse and thus place a break on our unnecessary spending of money.

Growth of the restaurant industry

The restaurant industry has also been profiting from the booming food delivery services. The wide reach of delivery services put restaurants more visible and thus will help in attracting new customers. Restaurants will be able to increase their sales and improve the overall revenue of the restaurant. By partnering with third-party delivery platforms, the restaurants can save their marketing costs as well.

Increased job opportunities

Restaurants and the food sector transformed with online food ordering and delivery. This has also opened new job opportunities for drivers in the food delivery sector. For this, you need to make sure that you have insurance for food delivery drivers.

Window to other cultures

As more and more restaurants are providing online food delivery, it lets the customers discover new restaurants. Since food is a representation of one’s culture, the customer gets a taste of other cultures.

Healthy options

Food delivery services have a lot of advantages, including convenience and more food options. Online ordering services also offer customers healthy eating plans. If you feel like eating steamed vegetables or salad instead of fries, online ordering will come to your aid.



In this post-pandemic world, the relevance of online food delivery services has shot up. Visiting restaurants increases the chances to catch the virus or other infectious diseases. In this situation ordering food at home and eating in the comfort of your house is the best option to avoid the risk of getting infected.

Cons of food delivering

Waiting time

There are many bright sides to food delivery, but it has its downsides as well. For instance, delivering food may not be a quick experience. Speed of food delivery may depend upon traffic, time, how busy the restaurant is, and also on food that you have ordered. If your hunger cannot wait, then food ordering is not the best option.

Food that you order may get cold if the delivery distance is long or if the customer is ordering at rush hour. So, it is better to order the food before or after rush hour.

Lack of classy atmosphere

Generally, people go to restaurants for the aesthetic ambiance along with enjoying the delicate cuisine. It feels really good to savor food amidst the warm, classic, and friendly atmosphere of a restaurant. But with food delivery, you will miss out on the aesthetic of nice restaurants and the chance to spend a memorable evening.

Social isolation

Spending time in your coach and getting everything within a touch can make people lazy. This can further lead to social isolation and lack of social connection in long run.

Not plausible for small restaurants

The food delivery service may be possible for big restaurants, but it may not be feasible for small restaurants and other local stores. These small shops may lose their customers in the long run as they lag in the big food delivery game.

Ordering food online and food delivery has become very popular over the past decades. It has become a way of increasing the restaurant’s customer base and thus became a marker to equate restaurants competitiveness. Food delivery has become necessary to compete in the sector of the food market. It has become so decisive that it gives the restaurants an upper hand over the others in the food market who do not participate in the online food delivery trend.

As we have seen, online food ordering and delivery have taken up the center stage of the food industry. So, let’s take a step back and nourish the luscious food by sitting on our couch.

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