Mum’s spare time: A guide to saving money on bingo games

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20th Dec 2021 Life

Mum’s spare time: A guide to saving money on bingo games

If you’re finding the kids are spending a lot of time online playing games, you might not be the only mum.

Gaming has become huge. The global online gaming market generated a staggering 21.1 billion US dollars in revenue, approximately, in 2020, according to the consumer and market data company Statista. And by 2025, more than 1.3 billion people are expected to playing games online. The kids are just part of an unstoppable tide!

So it’s hard not to blame them, however, and in fact, gaming has all kinds of benefits. Becoming gamer can enable you to develop better social and problem-solving skills, build resilience and even boost your mental health.

Mums and online bingo

There’s no reason why women shouldn’t enjoy gaming online, and indeed they don’t see any reason not to either. Research by market research company YouGov shows that online bingo has become popular in the last few years with women aged between 25 and 34.

That’s hardly surprising when there’s so many providers like 888 ladies online bingo who offer various free bingo games, all which are easy to access on mobile devices. Those who are mums can easily squeeze in a game or two while they’re waiting for the kids to come out of school, the kids are taking part in clubs and other extra-curricular activities or, as much as they (the kids) might hate it, doing homework(!).

Playing bingo without spending much

Perhaps one of the other reasons for online bingo’s popularity with mums is the fact it’s not especially expensive. There’s also a few simple ways to keep yourself from overspending on bingo.

Set a budget

This is straightforward. You decide how much you wish to spend, or can afford to spend, on bingo, set your limit and stick to it. Might take a bit of willpower, but it’s better than overspending. If another expense comes up and you’ve already spent the money on bingo, you won’t be too happy about it!


Setting up a budget can create a more cost-effective and stable way of playing bingo.

Create a recurring bingo fund

Again, this is straightforward. You can set up an account for playing and have a regular stream of money flowing into this account, purely for playing bingo. If you’re playing solely for the enjoyment, you could also have your winnings flow back into this account. The expense virtually takes care of itself. You don’t have to have a bulging bank account to play online bingo.

Avoid playing jackpot games

Enter a jackpot game and you can win some big money. The thing is, playing jackpot games is more expensive, so if you’re on a low budget, let the jackpot game go ahead without you. The chances of winning are rare, anyway.

Making the most of free bingo and other promotions

Operators don’t just expect (new) players to get their purses or wallets out and start pumping money into their accounts. Some like to give players free games when they’ve made a small deposit, so that the player can get maximum enjoyment for just a very small amount of money. The jackpots on these games may only be small, though.

Welcome bonuses

One promotion online operators like to offer is the ‘Welcome bonus’. Often, a player will receive this bonus when they’ve just created the account and have put a certain amount of money. This may only be a small amount, such as £10, and the bingo operator will then match it and possibly add extra so that the player has more money to spend on bingo. The player may have to wager a certain number of times before they can withdraw their winnings, however.

No deposit bonuses

This bonus is highly attractive if you want to play bingo and not spend a single penny. A lot of operators offer this type of bonus. Again, to take home your winnings, you may have to keep an eye on the wagering requirements. The bigger the bonus, the bigger the wager is likely to be, so you may wish to go for a promotion with a small no deposit bonus so you can get through it more quickly and get your hands on those winnings!

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