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Mobile kiosk: Fast and convenient way to order meals


20th Nov 2020 Drinks

Mobile kiosk: Fast and convenient way to order meals

Every restaurant, café or other gastronomic facility strives to ensure that the process of ordering meals by customers and their subsequent delivery is as efficient as possible. The latest technological solutions provide this without much trouble.

An indispensable element for modern establishments

Gastronomic facilities, which serve hundreds or even thousands of customers every day, very often have to deal with a common problem among popular establishments – a barrage of orders and the need to maintain concentration when serving meals. A large number of people visiting restaurants or cafes is, of course, an excellent success for the owners, but any misconduct or mistake at the initial stage of serving customers can have fatal consequences. Fortunately, new technologies come to help in such situations. They are able to replace the most important elements of the whole process even in places such as catering facilities.

From a practical point of view, this device takes the form of a touch screen, through which customers can not only make an order, but also browse the menus offered in the establishment and learn a little more about the food or beverages available. The versatility of a mobile kiosk, such as the one at https://orderingstack.com/blog/what-is-kiosk/, means that it can be of different sizes – in large establishments, serving a great number of people, they can be large screens (up to 1×1 meter), and in smaller restaurants, which have fewer customers, meals can even be ordered using a tablet or iPad. In each of these cases, however, the most important thing is the functionality, which could not necessarily be achieved with traditional ways of taking orders and dispensing meals.

Better customer service

In addition to the undoubted benefits for any gastronomic facility such as more efficient ordering and redirecting to the kitchen, this solution also provides an opportunity to improve the level of customer service. A mobile kiosk, as a touch screen device, provides everything you can expect from the online world these days. The digital version of the menu allows customers to conveniently browse through all the available items without any pressure from the waiter or cashier. The availability of such information, such as the appearance of the food, the ingredients or the price, gives you the opportunity to think about what you want.

There is no denying that transferring the process of ordering meals to the touch screen is met with great enthusiasm on the part of younger recipients, who are between 18 and 29 years old. All because of the widespread access to new technologies and the role of smartphones in the lives of the vast majority of people of that age. However, older recipients can also benefit from such a solution, because the availability of all the most important information on a large and clear screen allows them to obtain the necessary data about the food. All of these facts contribute to the possibility of improving customer service in many ways.

Smooth ordering process 

Considering the smoothness of the process of ordering meals in restaurants or cafes, it is impossible not to mention the improved stage of data collection. For more extensive orders, for example, containing three different starters, main courses, desserts and drinks, the waiter may make a simple human error and write down the wrong items. This, in turn, causes frustration not only for the waiter, but especially for the customers, especially when they have to wait long for a meal. The possibility of determining the ordered meals and drinks by the customers themselves allows to eliminate such mistakes.

When analyzing the benefits of having touch screens in gastronomic facilities, it is also necessary to mention the possibility of displaying additional information on the screen, for example, about current discounts or special offers. Sometimes, in the rush of serving a large number of customers, waiters or cashiers may forget about this fact and not mention it on to the customer. Thanks to the use of the mobile kiosk, clients can always see information about possible discounts, thanks to which their level of satisfaction with the available offer of a restaurant or a café automatically increases.

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