Mistakes to avoid when you get a new tattoo


14th Dec 2021 Life

Mistakes to avoid when you get a new tattoo

Getting a new tattoo can fill you up with different emotions. First of all, you may feel a sense of nervousness and excitement before it has taken place.

Once you have it inked onto your body, you may then feel an enormous sense of pride and relief about what you have gone through. At the same time, rather than being consumed by all the different emotions, you need to ensure that you put your rational head on as well. There are plenty of mistakes that people tend to make when they get a new tattoo, and here we are going to be looking closer at what some of these happen to be.

Do not get it out too soon

When the bandage has been left over your tattoo after the job has been completed, it is there for a reason, which means that you certainly do not want to rip it off too soon. Ultimately, you should take notice of the advice that you have been given and ensure that it is covered up for the correct amount of time. As well as potentially impacting the design in a negative way, you can also end up in a situation in which you are putting yourself of a health risk such as an infection, which makes it doubly important that you let the tattoo healing process run its course.

Watch out for wetting and drying your new tattoo

While it is generally considered to be acceptable to shower when you have a tattoo, there is often the advice given that you should avoid submerging it in water, such as in a bath. Even worse, you should not get into a swimming pool or a hot tub as these can be breeding grounds for bacteria which are going to significantly increase the odds of getting an infection. Obviously, this is the last thing that you want to happen and should be avoided at all costs. Be careful of the rubbing action that is typically associated with drying yourself off. Instead, you should use a dabbing technique as this is much less likely to lead to any sort of scabbing.

Be aware of how you are moving

This is a piece of advice that can be particularly relevant depending on the part of the body that you have chosen to have the tattoo done. For example, if it is on a joint such as your knee or your elbow, you certainly should try to avoid as much bending and strenuous exercise as you possibly can. Ultimately, you want to leave yourself in a situation in which you are giving the tattoo the very best chance of healing in a way that is safe and is not going to negatively impact the design for any reason whatsoever.

Avoiding each and every one of these mistakes will help out in a big way when it comes to ensuring that you have a tattoo that heals properly and looks great.

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