Live Aid 2025: The ideal stage for 4 iconic bands?

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9th Aug 2022 Music

Live Aid 2025: The ideal stage for 4 iconic bands?

Which televised event was watched by the biggest proportion of the global population?

Forget the inauguration of President Obama or the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony – the TV event that stands head and shoulders above the rest is Live Aid.

Staged in London and Philadelphia in 1985, the iconic fund-raising event was watched by nearly two people in every five around the planet.

While the chances of another Live Aid are fairly remote, the 40th anniversary in 2025 seems like a good opportunity to do just that.

With that in mind, we take a look at why Live Aid 2025 would be the ideal opportunity for four bands to strut their stuff on the big stage.


There has been little live lost between Noel and Liam Gallagher since the band’s infamous split before a gig at a Paris festival in 2009.

Despite this, barely a year goes by without speculation circulating that Oasis could get back together for at least one special performance.

While Liam occasionally appears to be open to the idea, Noel has been unequivocal about his desire never to perform as Oasis again.

However, reuniting for a one-off gig such as Live Aid 2025 could be the perfect platform for the duo to put their differences to one side and give their fans what they want.


When it comes to bands who know how to put on a spectacular show, you would be hard pushed to find any better than Devon trio Muse.

The band played two epic gigs at Wembley Stadium in 2007 and have the presence to headline a major global event such as Live Aid.

They were the stars of the show at the recent Isle of Wight Festival, with their intergalactic rock wowing the massive audience.

The British band performed at the Live 8 France concert in 2005, but they undoubtedly deserve to headline a huge global music event.


Unlike the Gallagher brothers, all four members of American rock band R.E.M. remained on good terms following their split in 2011.

Despite this, lead singer Michael Stipe has repeatedly insisted that the band ‘will never reunite’, dashing the hopes of millions of fans worldwide.

Stipe has claimed many bands get back together for the money, but the four-piece are in the fortunate position of not needing to do that.

On that basis, there seems to be no good reason why they could not reform for a charity gig. Millions of fans singing along to ‘Everybody Hurts’? Make it happen!

Destiny’s Child

After dominating the R&B scene earlier this century, the three members of Destiny’s Child embarked on wildly differing career paths.

Kelly Rowlands and Michelle Williams both enjoyed some success as solo artists, but their achievements were largely overshadowed by Beyonce.

Love her or hate her, it cannot be denied that Beyonce has flourished as a solo performer since Destiny’s Child disbanded in 2006.

The group have performed together several times since splitting up, but taking part in Live Aid 2025 would unquestionably be on another level.

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