LifeBook: In the words of our clients and authors…

LifeBook: In the words of our clients and authors…

For anyone who has always wanted to write their own autobiography but has struggled to do so, or has a story to share and has said, “I’ll get round to it …”, we at LifeBook are here to help.

Every LifeBook author has their own personal book project, whether it is their own private autobiography, a celebration of someone special in their life, or the events and stories from many years together as seen through the eyes of each partner within a couple. We have created hundreds of autobiographies over the years. Every author has benefited from the experience and has told us how delighted they are with their books. But don’t take our word for it; you can read genuine testimonials from our authors and clients.

We start with a note received from one of our US authors, Mrs Adele Hatcher


Mrs Adele Hatcher


When my book arrived and I started sharing it with our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the reaction was real joy. They could not put the book down until they had finished reading about their roots and my life. They now know me as a whole person, not just the one part of my life that involved them. Having finished this story has given me a peace and joy in knowing now I will be remembered as part of their lives and even the ones I will never live to see can read my story. I know that my life will always be a part of them in some way.

I cannot express how thankful I was to know that, whatever the outcome, with the help of LifeBook, my story was finished to leave behind. I was especially blessed to have my personal project manager overseeing my efforts and an excellent interviewer. Their competence is exceeded only by their ability to work with clients to make each book a reality.

LifeBook is a wonderful creation and will surely bring great joy to many like me who want to leave behind the knowledge of life and generations for their families of the future.

My best always, Adele (LifeBook author)

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We also received this very kind note from another author, Mrs Barbara Guttridge


Mrs Barbara Guttridge

I wanted to write to you and say how pleased I am with the finished product; I have received great feedback from my family, who said it was interesting, well-written, and easy to read. My daughter told me that she wanted more after she had finished the book!

From my first enquiry to LifeBook, who responded with examples, instructions and cost, the information provided made me realise that this was my road to travel. I couldn’t do it alone.

Throughout, I was assisted, encouraged, the writings were checked and facts made more accurate etc. I know half way through I would have given up but for the constant encouragement. Eventually, my book came to fruition. I couldn’t have done it without LifeBook. I am delighted with the results and the work that was put in by all involved.

So, many thanks to everyone involved in the process; those who read my rambles and corrected them many times: the interviewer, the ghostwriter, the ones who sorted my photos and anyone else who played their part.

Especially, I would like to thank my project manager, Tom, who kept me up to date with everything and persuaded me that I needed to get cracking in order to achieve certain dates. I shall miss that. Regards, Barbara (LifeBook author)

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Finally, we interviewed Mr Babatunda Jallah Epaga about the LifeBook project he purchased for his aunt, Julie Coker


Mr Babatunda Jallah Epaga

LifeBook is about accounting one’s own life, but it’s also for the people around them, who are very important in a close-knit family. Sometimes you don’t talk to your mother or father about what they did during the war or how they felt when they were growing up because you take it for granted. I feel that if my late mother, Ibiene Epega, had depicted her life in this way, it would have given me and my sisters more of an understanding of our mother. That is what I get from LifeBook. It provides the answers to the questions you have as a son or a daughter, but don’t ask because you don’t know how to, even though it’s something you want to know about. It kind of brings the family together.

Babatunda Jallah Epaga (LifeBook client)

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