Kaplan: Transforming lives through education

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12th Sep 2022 Life

Kaplan: Transforming lives through education

Kaplan is a worldwide educational service provider supporting academic and career advancement opportunities for students and professionals.

Founded on the belief that test prep can open opportunities for anyone, regardless of background, Kaplan has evolved from a home-based basement business in 1938 to a global powerhouse that operates in 27 countries worldwide. Today, Kaplan serves more than 4,000 education institutions and 12,000 corporate partners. 

Dedicated to helping students, professionals, universities, and businesses advance through education in today's ever-changing world, Kaplan helps learners in four key ways:

Kaplan helps students qualify for and succeed in school

Kaplan offers preparation programs for many tests, including but not limited to (SAT/ACT), graduate school admissions (LSAT/GMAT/MCAT/GRE), and GSCE in the UK. Kaplan offers higher education degree programs focused on career advancement through Kaplan Open Learning in the UK (the University of Essex and the University of Liverpool), Dublin Business School in Ireland, Kaplan Business School in Australia, and Kaplan Higher Education Academy in Singapore.

Kaplan offers global education opportunities for students who want to study in a developed country. With strong connections to top universities across the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia, Kaplan offers various on-campus and in-country degree preparation programs, online degree opportunities for students, and immersive language training in English, French, and German through international student exchange programs.

Kaplan helps students and working professionals get better jobs

Kaplan's courses help working adults get professional licensure or industry certification on the path to employment. It offers licensure exam preparations and training in business, medicine, accounting, financial services, wealth management, real estate, healthcare, law, information technology, engineering, and more.

Kaplan helps enroll qualified students in universities and prepares them for the professional world 

Kaplan serves more than 4,000 educational institutions across the globe. This includes collaborating with more than 50 universities worldwide as a multi-purpose strategic partner, helping with multiple critical university functions. For some universities, Kaplan provides online enablement services to help them deliver online learning environments.

Many universities rely on Kaplan's worldwide outreach to help with student recruitment. Kaplan's pathways programs help schools find international students who want to study in English-speaking countries, enrolling them in English language training for credit towards an undergraduate degree. Kaplan also provides international student recruitment and direct admittance services. Moreover, Kaplan offers hosted campuses and campus facilities, including student residences and teaching centers.

Kaplan's award-winning Career Core program – named a "2022 World Changing Idea" by Fast Company – helps institutions expand their career services for students through an innovative shared-services model. And Kaplan's Credegree™ program helps universities bundle bachelor's degrees with industry-recognized credentials in accounting, IT, cybersecurity, and data science to ensure that the students they are graduating are work-ready and employable.

To help universities introduce high school students to different career paths, Kaplan offers Prelum™ programs - scalable pre-college online courses.

Kaplan helps companies access and employ highly qualified candidates and helps train and advance their employees

As a partner to global businesses, Kaplan offers a range of programs and services designed to help companies improve employees' performance, upskill their current talent, and make them more competitive. This includes prep for professional licensure and certification programs covering various sectors, including financial advisory, securities, accounting, real estate, engineering, and architecture.

Kaplan also offers education-as-a-benefit programs to different organizations to help them offer employees certificate programs, customized degrees, test prep, academic and career advancement support, and more. 

Additionally, Kaplan has collaborated with the UK government and other established employers to offer apprenticeship programs.

Moreover, through its Red  Marker brand, an innovative artificial intelligence compliance platform, Kaplan offers real-time reporting for those involved in developing and reviewing marketing and legal materials.

These four key areas illustrate Kaplan's offerings and expertise. It has successfully adapted itself to meet the ever-changing needs of students, universities, and corporations, offering them a competitive advantage to stand out from their peers. 

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