Jonathan Tjoa Algreen & Team at 1 People strive to promote people and planet driven business for a greater impact


11th Jan 2022 Life

Jonathan Tjoa Algreen & Team at 1 People strive to promote people and planet driven business for a greater impact

The planet earth is plagued by various environmental issues that are depleting it of its natural resources, resulting in enormous strain on the lives of mankind.

Animals and habitats are not safe either. Some of the pressing environmental concerns affecting businesses today include pollution, waste disposal, water supply, and climate changes. These issues are affecting businesses and the way they are run.

Jonathan Tjoa Algreen is a Danish entrepreneur and global thought leader who works with a conscious and educated approach. He makes sure that under his leadership, the team of 1 People is running a people and planet-driven business.

Jonathan has 20 years of experience in investment and entrepreneurship. After several ups and downs, he developed sustainable business ideals and co-created the luxury brand, 1 People, with his wife Rea Tjoa Algreen. He is also the owner of Impact Business Investment Group which is constantly engaging impact-driven entrepreneurs, startups, and companies. In Jonathan's opinion, that is how the business should be run.

“I am not playing in one specific industry, but in each and every sector or environment I operate in, my commitment to the transparency and sustainability of the supply chain is unparalleled. I always prioritize a people and planet approach in my businesses and I truly believe that we can change the world to a better place for more people and the planet through business. This is why I believe business can be used as a strong force for good in the world.”

Jonathan and the team strive to focus on the brand's honest ethos. It is a combined effort to create a profitable business with environmental and social impact. The passionate couple behind 1 People thrives to raise awareness of sustainability through their products that include more than 10 product categories from ready-to-wear, underwear, swimwear to activewear, shoes and sunglasses.

The company follows strict criteria when choosing suppliers for material use, and fair trade is what sets the brand apart. According to Jonathan, “The most important part for the team is how the people working on our products are treated and in what conditions they are working, followed by the planet aspects, that is wastage, the amount of chemicals used and the origin of our materials. We prioritize the planet and people within. We advocate fair working conditions rewarding everyone adequately for their time and talent.”

The concept of the business did not begin as a lifestyle brand but rather as a way of doing business differently and more aligned with Jonathan’s business ideology. It started with the sole intention of starting a brand more aligned with the people and the planet. Today, 1 People makes conscious efforts to create products that help people not just look good or feel good but also do good at the same time.

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