How to quickly get a paper done last minute


1st Sep 2019 Life

Being late on assignments isn’t something new for students. Busy lives often mean students don't focus on their paper seriously until the deadline is right on their heads.

Here are a few tips to help you quickly write a paper in the shortest time possible.

Understand the assignment

We tend to ignore work if we don’t fully understand what we need to do, mostly becuase we just don't have a clue where to start with it. Give yourself plenty of time to sit and research it so you understand what the assignment is about. Use the internet and help of friends and classmates to understand everything there is to know and what your teacher will expect from the paper.

You can also find many useful sites for your research in a language other than English. For example, you can translate dutch to English from a Dutch website and use the research within your paper.

Write an outline

Once you understand what the topic is, create an outline for the entire paper. This outline is the structure you will follow to complete the assignment. Make all headings and sub-headings and then all these headings should be sorted appropriately and according to the format required by the teacher. 

Plan milestones with time limit

Divide the entire paper into parts and calculate how much time it will take to finish each part. Use that time as a goal and push yourself to complete a section within it. Putting a time limit on yourself will make you more focused. Make sure you only set realistic goals. Set longer timelines if you have to, but try to ensure the work is done within that time.

Acquire outside help

If you are unable to get any help from friends and the work requires too much time and research to complete the paper on time, consider acquiring professional help. It’s better to spend some money than failing the paper. There are great online services where you can get custom college papers done by professionals of the subject.

Get away from all distractions

Focus is very important to get tasks done and things in our every day life can be distracting. Before you sit down to work, get rid of anything that may catch your attention. For example, keep your mobile in a drawer away from view and put it on silent. Go to a place where there are few or no people around you. Unless all your friends and roommates are studying with you, then don't work around them as they could prove distracting too.

Don’t start with the introduction

An introduction is one of the most important and challenging parts of a paper to write. Don’t try to write it at the beginning -once you have writtenh the paper, you will have better understanding and knowledge of the topic so write the intro then. Leave editing until you have finished writing your first draft too.

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