How to perform well in a job interview

Preparation is the secret of making a good impression at interview. Be sure of your facts and confident in your ability.

Prepare yourself 

Think about why you're qualified for the job, and write down your strong points. Identify triumphs and successes from previous jobs, and be ready to talk about them succinctly and convincingly.

Practise your interview technique

If possible, get a friend to conduct a trial interview with you, and give you honest feedback.

Know the firm

Read up on the company that you're applying to work with and, if possible, talk to people who already work there. Then you can tailor your responses to the way the company works and ask relevant questions.

Sell yourself on the day

Smile, maintain eye contact and a relaxed pose, be courteous and speak clearly. Remember the interviewer's name and use it.

Remember some critical ‘Don'ts’

These all-too-common pitfalls could cost you the job, but are easy to avoid.

  • Don't be late. No excuse is good enough to counteract the bad impression this makes.
  • Don't dress casually. If anything, dress more smartly and formally than you would in a normal work situation.
  • Don't be overfamiliar. You won't get the job by trying to make friends.
  • Be yourself. Stay comfortable and sharp.

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