How to improve essay writing skills fast and easy

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1st Jan 2015 Life

How to improve essay writing skills fast and easy

Academic writing is a skill that improves through practice and reflection. If you feel you can do better at it, here are some methods you can use to improve your writing

Learn the structure of an essay

Writing essays is not an incomprehensible talent. The point is in approaching the topic and the information on it analytically, deconstructing the ideas, and shaping your own thoughts in the right order. For you to do it effectively, there is the universal structure of the essay: introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction must contain a strong thesis statement, which is an essential part of your argument and a huge factor in the effectiveness of your essay. In fact, essay writing is not about the beauty of your style, but about your ability to build a well-structured argument. If you want to improve your essay, have a look at it after you’ve finished and checked if all the structural elements are there. If it’s still hard for you to work with the structural elements, try making an outline and a thesis statement first, and then add the rest of the text.  

Read books

To write well, you need to be able to operate the language and express yourself clearly. The only way how you can achieve this is by expanding your vocabulary, and the best way to do it is to acquire a habit of reading books. This way, you will spend your time on entertainment and learning at the same time. Besides, observing the outstanding skills of the literature giants will help you to distinguish what works in writing and what doesn’t. 

Pay attention to the professor’s comments

As we already mentioned, your professors are there to help you with writing. First, listen carefully to the details of every essay assignment you receive. The more instructions you have, the fewer mistakes you will make in your writing. Also, professors in different disciplines may have different requirements for your results. Practicing that in your assignments will make your writing more versatile, both in terms of topics diversity and argument presentation. If you don’t understand something about your assignment, ask your peers or the professor. This way, you will avoid confusion and beat the writer’s block in the first place. However, usually, you have all you need to know in the instructions, just read them several times. 

Revise your work

Your tutors usually see the points where you can improve your writing, and they give you hints in the feedback to your assignments. For you to learn from your teacher’s comments, it is important to make corrections in the essay you have already written. Therefore, this is the reason you submit the same essay several times: you don’t need to write anything new, but approach what you have already written analytically. Getting criticism about your work, obviously, can be tough. You need to remember that it’s not personal, and the professor also works on your improvement.  

Get professional help

If you want an exemplary essay you can use to improve your own writing, use the professional help from an essay writing service with pro academic writers. It is a legitimate way to get a work written by an expert in your field and a good idea if you want to learn an essay structure better or figure out how to approach a complicated topic. Writers from such services complete custom essays from scratch, which means they work by your instructions. You can even request an annotated essay, in which a professional will explain all the structural elements and reasoning choices. If you have trouble with formatting your essay, professional academic writing will help you with that as well. All you need to do is submit the online form with the details of your assignment, set the deadline, and wait until your order is in your inbox. If anything is unclear about the work you receive, you can ask your writer about it or request a revision. 

Show your writing to your peers

A good way to get feedback without it influencing your grade is to show what you wrote to a friend or a classmate. Of course, they may not be as qualified in giving feedback as your professor is, but they can notice the issues you haven’t. The risk here, however, is that your friend cannot be fully objective and might tell you everything is amazing when it’s not.  To avoid the possible white lies, ask your friend about a specific aspect of the essay. Also, a good practice is reviewing your friend’s papers, as you can take a detached view of their writing and see the strengths and the weaknesses other authors have.

Your journey towards graduation includes mastering or at least developing your academic writing skills. You write papers in almost every discipline, as you have to analyze and reflect on the topics you are assigned with. Naturally, you may not feel confident about it from the very beginning. Your teachers are there to help you, but there is still a lot of work you have to do yourself, one step at a time. Even when you don’t notice it, you actually improve your academic writing skills with every assignment you complete. Growing is a long process, and it is not visible at once. However, if you need proof, check out some essays you wrote a year ago, and you will see that you have already made great progress here. If you want this to happen even faster, just keep these tips in mind, and you will see your writing choices become more mindful and weighed, which is itself a sign of good writing.

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