How to embody your divine femininity

BY Alice Porter

17th Feb 2022 Life

How to embody your divine femininity

Many are finding that their internal energies are displaced and unaligned. Here are ways to recentre and refocus so you can embody your inner divine feminine spirit

Spiritual practises and beliefs have become increasingly popular in recent years, with people becoming less and less interested in traditional religion. Astrology in particular has been at the forefront of people’s minds since 2020, as searches for “birth chart” and “astrology” both hit five-year peaks on Google. And now, there’s a new trend in the world of spirituality that everyone is talking about: divine femine energy.

The divine feminine is an idea that has been of interest in spiritual communities for many years, as well as within religions like Hinduism.

It’s having a renewed interest right now because it has become popular amongst wellness and spiritual spaces online, with over 400 million videos under the tag #divinefeminine on TikTok.

What is divine feminine energy?

Despite its misleading name, the divine feminine actually has nothing to do with gender.

People of all genders have both feminine and masculine energies within them, according to spiritual beliefs. The divine feminine is nurturing, intuitive and self-connected whereas the divine masculine is action-based, assertive and interested in logic. In short, the divine feminine is about being and the divine masculine is about doing.

“Many people are experiencing a desire to come into their divine feminine right now,” says Caroline Britton, a business coach, energy healer and psychic. She explains that in modern society, life is very much about doing rather than being and so we’re less in touch with divine feminine energy.

What does it mean to be disconnected from the divine feminine?


Signs that you might be disconnected from the divine feminine include feelings of numbness, frenetic behaviour, ignoring your intuition and seeking external validation, according to Britton. In other words, you might feel disconnected from what you want and need and be making decisions and choices without thinking about them properly.

People who have busy work or personal lives and lots of people relying on them may feel out of touch with the divine feminine. “People are often operating from fear based on external validation,” Britton says, explaining that this can lead to burnout and people struggling to cope in general. “Most people don’t honour their needs or listen to their body.”

A 2021 survey from Indeed found that 52 per cent of people were experiencing burnout when surveyed, which had increased since they did the same survey pre-pandemic. The divine feminine is one way people have been trying to deal with this, as many of its principles appeal to those who feel overwhelmed or exhausted.

How can you get back in touch with the divine feminine?

Britton explains that divine feminine energy is useful for people of all genders and there are lots of things you can do to start getting in touch with divine feminine energy.

To start, Britton recommends thinking carefully and honestly about why you feel out of balance: “Ask yourself what conditioning you may have learned where you feel it's not safe or appropriate or okay to be in your feminine?”

By this, she means that you should think about why you might not trust your own intuition or rely on external validation. This process is about getting to the root of your frustrations, whether that’s burnout, self-doubt or exhaustion.

From there, you should consider the life that you want to create. “How do you want to feel? How do you want to be? What do you want to embody?” are questions Britton recommends you ask yourself. 

"How do you want to feel? How do you want to be? What do you want to embody?"

“Then you need to take radical responsibility and think about what internal work you need to do,” Britton says, adding that activities like journaling can be helpful for this purpose.

There are also some practical things you can do to get back in touch with the divine feminine including yin yoga, breathwork, engaging with art, getting out in nature, mindfulness activities and self-pleasure.

Is divine masculine energy bad?

Britton stresses that there’s nothing inherently bad about divine masculine energy—it’s just that many of us are holding onto too much of it, which can lead to us feeling out of balance. 

“In our education systems and in the corporate world, the divine masculine is often pushed on people far more than the divine feminine,” she explains.

Is divine feminine energy related to astrology?

Divine energies are not directly related to astrology but many people who are interested in this kind of spirituality might be attracted to ideas like divine feminine energy. “Astrology allows us to stop pushing against the current and accept peaceful relationships where you honour where you’re being taken and tapping into the divine feminine requires a similar mindset,’ Ditton says.

Becoming connected with divine feminine energy isn’t something you can do and simply tick-off as done. It’s an ongoing process that requires regular practice. As Britton puts it: “The divine feminine is like a state of being rather than something that you do.”

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