How To Boost Your Spotify Plays


3rd Nov 2020 Music

How To Boost Your Spotify Plays

If you ever felt like you just couldn’t get the numbers up, don’t worry. All artists deal with exposure problems. It doesn’t matter how many posts or status updates you throw out into the world, sometimes you need a little extra help to make it out of the preverbal sandbox.

If you want to play with the adults, then you need to pony up to the bar. To find out what you need to do to get seen use the next few steps and you should see positive improvements within a few days.

How Does Spotify Ranking Work?

It is all about the Spotify algorithm. The algorithm bases its internal ranking and recommendations on the performance of your playlists and songs. If they are popular then it will show them around more often. But that seems like a Catch-22, right? If you don’t get seen then you don’t get plays, but the only way to get plays is to be seen. Well, basically, you need to grow your Spotify plays, streams, and followers naturally via direct searching. This will force the algorithm to take notice of you and prove a boost in performance.

Once you start growing your direct search plays, you will start to see your songs, playlists, and albums show up under the recommended titles. That will build your artist exposure and brand recognition. Natural movement will start to snowball, and you will soon have a consistent following to monetize. Getting to this is the hardest part. How long do you wait? How do you know if you will ever get that recognition?

Should I Just Wait To Get More Plays?

No, if you just wait it out without doing anything proactive then you will be stuck at the bottom until the end of time. Remember this: even if you have the best sound out there, if no one hears you, no one will look for you. Don’t take this negatively. Think about it like a wakeup call. Be proactive about your artist and brand marketing. Don’t just throw links out there and ask people to listen. Do what the pros do on a daily basis. You need to play the game to earn the right to stay.

What Is the Best Way to Get Plays?

If you are looking to boost your Spotify song play count, then you need to invest in yourself and invest in your marketing. However, marketing isn’t just putting up ads, posting pics to Instagram, or updating your Facebook status. Sure, these are all highly important aspects to the marketing game. But it isn’t just about getting in front of people, rather, it is about getting that play count up. It doesn’t matter who listens to your music, you need that number up so that Spotify sees you as an actual artist that they can put in front of other people.

You need to buy Spotify plays. What does that even mean? How do you buy Spotify plays? First, let’s chat about buying numbers. All analytics are paid to some extent. Advertising is paid and is used to get you to buy or follow things. Paid plays are real plays. They are just one type of common marketing in the digital media realm. Don’t think that your competitors aren’t buying plays or followers.

Why Should I buy Plays? What About Followers?

The short answer is that you need to buy both. You need to buy plays and followers so that you can get noticed by Spotify. Boosting your plays, streams, and followers, analytics will help you over the threshold so that you can start to pull in organic listens and followers. It isn’t a method to earn money but a method to increase your exposure and to help you grow your brand so that Spotify can start spreading your sound.

Start buying followers and plays now. It will take a few days for Spotify to start seeing the count increases, but it will be immediate and permanent. The only other option is to spend countless more hours trying to pull out one or two more clicks via a social media post. Don’t waste your time. You need to spend it creating. Let the pros pump up your playlist today.

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