H.E. Ahmed bin Mohamed Al Jarwan - The Real Advocate for Promoting World Peace

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30th Nov 2022 Life

Profile on Ahmed bin Mohamed Al Jarwan and his work to promote world peace 

Mohammed al Jarwan

Many leaders have been speaking out about the value of tolerance to foster global unity and understanding. Similarly, H.E. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Jarwan has earned widespread respect as a renowned figure because of his tireless pursuit of a more peaceful and secure world. Details

"A remarkable professional and an advocate for positive change in the world, H.E. Eng. Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al-Jarwan receives the utmost respect from around the globe. Mr. Al Jarwan has been one of the most prominent advocates for empowering tolerance and peace in the Arab region and beyond for many years. He has served as president of the Arab Parliament (for two consecutive rounds), founder and president of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace (GCTP), president of the General Union of Arab Experts, president of the Paris Forum for Development and Peace, and chairman of the Executive Office of the Arab Federations’ Forum of the Arab league."

When it comes to efforts to promote global peace, Al-Jarwan is a role model. He aimed to affect change by sharing messages of harmony and acceptance with the vast majority of the local population. His list of goals for world peace includes reducing violence, making a constructive impact on society, and passing on his experience and knowledge to the next generation. Goal 16 of the United Nations Sustainable Development plans were directly impacted by his work as a peacebuilder and advocate for tolerance and his efforts to uplift women and young people. He always served as an inspirational leader:

"H.E. Ahmed Al Jarwan is the perfect embodiment of leadership and management competence, and his excellent methods have served as inspirations for his colleagues. As a result of his tireless dedication to success, he is now regarded as one of the world’s most influential leaders."

Al Jarwan and eight other global leaders (Ambassador Sam Zakhem, Dr. Fatlinda Tahiri, Dr. Hersh Chadha, Dr. Mufeed Chehab, Mr. Hugo Barabucci, Mr. Bourhane Hamidou, Mrs. Yenny Zannuba, and Mr. Joseph Ellul) from around the world established the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace in 2017. The Maltese government has granted it benefits and immunities in exchange for housing its headquarters there. The legislative body of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace is known as the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace. Members of parliament from around the world make up the IPTP. The Parliament is required to meet at least once every three months. If necessary, an exceptional session could be held. It’s estimated that more than 90 countries are part of IPTP. The International Parliament of Tolerance and Peace is a permanent observer in the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

The General Assembly is a gathering that takes place once a year and brings together people from around the world who are interested in issues of tolerance, security, and peace on a global scale. Its purpose is to investigate methods that can be utilized to advance the causes of toleration and peace, as well as methods that can be implemented to remove barriers that prevent the application of the standards that are recognized by the United Nations. It is comprised of more than fifty colleges, non-governmental organizations, and hundreds of individuals.

In 2018, Al Jarwan was officially elected president of the General Union of Arab Experts, a position he has since competently performed. Three years after that, he became president of the Paris Forum for Peace and Development, a French international non-profit headquartered in Paris. He was also elected chairman of the Executive Office of the Arab Federations’ Forum that same year.

In terms of global politics, he has played a significant role. The president of UNAOC, the president of Guatemala, the president of the Union of Comoros, the president of Armenia, the president of Indonesia, the president of North Macedonia, the president of Costa Rica, the president of Burkina Faso, and many others have all welcomed him to their respective countries. An impressive number of honors and recognitions have been bestowed upon him.

"In light of his many accomplishments, the Global Excellence Assembly honored Al Jarwan by designating him as its Ambassador of Excellence and Powerful Leader. There were numerous honours for his dedication to maintaining peace and welcoming societies. In 2020, he was honoured with Marquis Who’s Distinguished Humanitarian Award. The government of Colombia recently presented him with a Gran Gruz Category Golden Medal in 2021. In 2021 he received coverage in the Wall Street Journal and Millennium Magazine. Furthermore, he was recently selected as one of the top 30 inspiring leaders to watch by the Silicon review for 2022."

He seems driven by a desire to make a difference in the world, and his efforts to promote tolerance and peace have given him a clear direction and a focused vision. He uses his innate brilliance to its fullest to inspire and influence the next generation. Others in positions of authority have found great motivation in Al Jarwan’s story. In the realm of peacefulness, he is a real leader.

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