First time buyer? Choose one of these Rolexes

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First time buyer? Choose one of these Rolexes
Making the leap to buying your first Rolex is a great step in the life of a watch buyer; here are our top choices to start your Rolex collection
Rolex is a frontrunner internationally for accuracy, brand recognition, and value over time. Buying a Rolex is an investment and a celebration all in one.
Reasons to buy a Rolex and sell a Rolex watch online run the gamut from a celebration of an important event to simply wanting to own one of the top luxury watches available today. The company has been around for over 100 years, and in that time they have produced a huge array of models and styles to suit any preference.
When considering your first three Rolex watches, you may find yourself unsure of where to start. You may consider these top 10 watches under $3000 if you want to keep things on the more economical side, or you may be ready to drop serious money for exactly the model you’re looking for. You might be looking for something sporty, casual, or formal.
For a good start to a collection that will suit a variety of needs and situations, and look good on any wrist, these are our top choices for your first three Rolex watches.

The Submariner

This is an automatic, or self-winding, watch. That means that it’s wound by your movements as you wear it around, making it a great candidate for a Rolex that you’ll make your go-to choice in the mornings. Many models have a date window, and it can be found with a variety of band styles.
An oystersteel and yellow gold Rolex Submariner watch lying on its side, showing a time of 6:20
It’s a water-resistant watch that was originally developed in the 1950s for scuba divers—hence the name—and features a unidirectional bezel used by divers before diving computers became common.
"The Submariner is one of the most widely known Rolexes, a true classic"
This is one of the most widely known Rolexes, a true classic, and is good for everyday wear as well as with a suit and tie. The water resistance means it can even be worn to the beach without worry. The sheer iconicness and practicality makes it a great start to a collection.

The Day-Date

A yellow Rolex Day-Date sits on someone's wrist
This watch is more on the formal side of things than the Submariner, and comes in a huge variety of styles, even featuring a great deal of brightly coloured dials in vintage models. As you build your collection, this would be a good watch to have for more formal or festive occasions, especially to add an element of magnetism to your look.
"The Day-Date can add an element of magnetism to your look"
The first model was released in 1956, and was the first watch to display both the day and the date. It is also water-resistant, though not to such depths as the Submariner, but you needn’t worry while washing your hands or even going for a swim. Overall it’s a stylish and classic choice that was said to be worn by everyone from Dwight Eisenhower to Hugo Chavez. Wear it and make a statement.

The Daytona

A Rolex Cosmograph Daytona sits on someone's wrist: it is notable for having three dials on its face
As its name suggests, this watch was inspired by car racing, specifically the famous race that takes place in Daytona, Florida to this day. The first model came out in 1963, when car racing was really hitting huge popularity, and so today there are plenty of both vintage and modern models available. The design is beautiful and striking.
"The Daytona is a key element in a Rolex collection that anyone could be proud to own"
Older models are manual wind, with newer models being self-winding. The Daytona is sure to call attention in all the ways you would want as a luxury watch collector. Choose one that makes you feel confident, and you won’t go wrong. The Daytona is a key element in a Rolex collection that anyone could be proud to own.
Banner photo: Rolex watches for the first-time buyer (credit: Nathan Aguirre (Unsplash))
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