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Everyone has a story to tell—share yours


8th Apr 2019 Book Reviews

Everyone has a story to tell—share yours

LifeBook offers the opportunity to get your autobiography researched, and written by a professional, then made and packaged beautifully for your family—for generations to come.

You have a lifetime of experiences

Autobiography picture

It's time to turn them into your life story. The LifeBook experience is rewarding, engaging and, importantly, fun. You are supported at every step of your journey by a dedicated team made up of a project manager, interviewer and professional writer. We do all hard work leaving you to enjoy the experience.

The welcome pack includes a book showing each step and a notebook with guidelines to help you jot down significant events and anecdotes in your life so far.

This often serves to prompt other stories, making the content even richer.

Upon receipt of your order, you will be appointed your own project manager who will be there for you throughout your journey making your project both fun and enjoyable and giving you a direct point of contact.


Simple and straightforward storytelling

The first stage of creating your LifeBook is to start capturing your stories and memories through regular and fun face-to-face meetings scheduled with your interviewer.

The interviewer will listen and engage with you, asking questions to help tease out the details that help bring your memories to life, while adding colour along the way. All interviews will be recorded so that none of your thoughts or reminisces will be lost.


Professionally written in your voice

Photographs bring your story to life

Interview recordings are shared with a professional writer who will craft your stories into your very own autobiography.

All our professional writers are highly skilled and often have backgrounds in media, journalism or academia. We believe this ensures that every LifeBook is written to the highest standard and that your true voice is captured enabling your family and friends to recognise it.

Throughout the project, you will receive regular updates and have opportunities to review and edit your story as it comes together.


Photographs to bring your stories to life

Pictures often tell a thousand words and your photographs and papers form a key element of your LifeBook. The interviewer will work with you to pick out the best images to illustrate the stories being told.

Your project manager and the interviewer work closely together to ensure that all photographs and papers are included in the correct locations to bring your stories and memories to life. Captioning and dating them often results in even more stories being recalled.


Beautiful, handcrafted copies of your own autobiography

LifeBook hand bound book

Once the final edit has been completed to your satisfaction, you will have a typeset version to sign off and then it is off to print.

The autobiography will be bound into ten beautiful, stitched, linen-covered gold or silver embossed books you will be proud to have on your bookshelf.

Each and every LifeBook is handcrafted in our London bindery by highly skilled craftsmen to ensure the highest-quality finish. You can select from blue, red or grey linen for the cover of your books.

There is also the choice of either gold or silver lettering for your name and book title on the front cover and spine. We aim to do all the hard work but there is one aspect that we think comes best from you—the title of your LifeBook. What would yours be?


A permanent legacy

A LifeBook is a gift of a lifetime for friends and family and printed to last for generations to come.

We all have our own personal memories and stories that go to make up our lives. Whether it is childhood adventures, family experiences or a rewarding career, we believe everyone has a story. Why wait a moment longer to share yours? It is never too soon to start your LifeBook.

LifeBook we make creating your autobiography easy, through regular face-to-face interviews. Your words and photographs are transformed into beautifully illustrated copies of your own personal autobiography.

If we’ve kindled your interest in a LifeBook project for yourself or a loved one please do talk to us on on 0800 999 2280, email us at or visit the LifeBook website.

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