COVID-19 and its experiences – A writer's viewpoint


11th Apr 2022 Life

COVID-19 and its experiences – A writer's viewpoint

It's 2022, more than 24 months since the novel coronavirus struck, and the world drastically changed in a blink of an eye.

Businesses were forced to go remote and lay off employees to stay afloat during the global crisis. Other institutions like educational sectors and government offices had to shut down their operations, potentially eradicating the decades of developmental changes. But most importantly, human lives were at stake, with medical professionals virtually rendered powerless. It was pure chaos.

Fortunately, as humans, we are forced to see the silver lining among the dark clouds if we wish to move forward. People worldwide were able to gain several experiences, such as remote working, living a bubble life, or even perhaps living for each other. In his book, Chadwick's Cultivated Circumstances: Experience is Sometime Priceless, Charles Chadwick discusses the importance of absorbing experience in the face of chaos. Let's elaborate further.


Charles Chadwick’s new book, Chadwick's Cultivated Circumstances: Experience is Sometime Priceless

Accepting extreme loss and working for the future

COVID-19 has changed the world's landscape in every possible way. Along with millions of people succumbing to the wrath of the virus, the food systems, healthcare systems, and overall organizational processes were brought to unprecedented challenges. The economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic was devastating, leading tens of millions towards poverty. In countries where poverty and undernourished citizens exist, one can only imagine how catastrophic the pandemic's impact would have been. WHO reported that more than half a billion people were pushed further into extreme poverty due to increased healthcare costs. While some are fighting through unemployment, there are others still speculating if or when the minimum wage will be pushed up.  Charles Chadwick says that it's no use living in the past. It's time that we accept our losses and work for our future.

Mastering the art of remote working

Three years ago, perhaps, we wouldn't have even considered that something like remote working would be considered as a last-minute option. Organizations were insecure about the loopholes in the management processes that may exist in a remote working model. Yet, they had to adapt and implement the remote working model at the helm of their operations. The same organizations are now thinking of introducing a work from home policy permanently.

This is what a good experience brings to the table. Amid the chaos, enterprises adopted a new model and learned that its experience could help them forge forward even after returning to normal. Chadwick, in his book, somewhat elaborates on a similar phenomenon. He writes that experiences in the face of a global crisis have opened up several new avenues for everyone – providing a silver lining. Considering ‘experience’ as a priceless asset, Chadwick believes spending time in the market brings forth opportunities for both individuals and companies that not only help them survive but also thrive in the industry.

Planning ahead

We all remember when WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic and instructed the governments to impose lockdowns. Little did we know that it would last longer than anyone ever expected. However, the pandemic caused many people to question their worth and skillsets. But Chadwick, in his book, Chadwick's Cultivated Circumstances: Experience is Sometime Priceless, explained that worth depends on the value that an individual offers. Diversifying one’s skill set has proven beneficial during this chaotic period to gain that value.

In retrospect, Chadwick's encouragement that everybody should get experience instead of speculating what went wrong will help them improve their chances in the long run. It will also help them become better professionals. The key to cultivating success is welcoming different circumstances with open arms, using the opportunity to learn.

Wrapping up

In today's uncertain times, COVID-19 isn't the only problem for the people. A pandemic, probably far worse, is staying stagnant, stuck. The world is growing at an astounding rate, and if we don't adapt ourselves, it'll be only a matter of time before we fade away. Charles Chadwick, through his book that comprises real-life experiences, educates his readers that gaining experience is one of the best ways people can move ahead in the present digital landscape. Chadwick offers his wisdom to the people who are restarting their lives after the pandemic. So, it's time for us to embrace the change and expand our learning for a better and brighter tomorrow. Order your copy of Chadwick's Cultivated Circumstances: Experience is Sometimes Priceless from Amazon today and gets a chance to win up to $50 every month.

For more information, you can visit Charles Chadwick’s Facebook Fan page @Reducecollegedebt today.

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