Capture your voice and laughter forever... FREE


23rd Dec 2019 Wellbeing

Capture your voice and laughter forever... FREE

We have often heard the greatest regret having lost a loved one is to no longer have their voice or laughter. When you create your private autobiography with LifeBook you also receive a one hour audio recording, so you'll have a priceless opportunity to preserve your voice forever and give your family a precious gift that can be passed down for generations to come.

Your private autobiography comes with a FREE ONE HOUR AUDIO of your favourite stories from your book. This BONUS audio highlights mini-book contains, along with your voice preserved for ever, a digital copy of your autobiography and all your precious photographs with their captions.

The audio highlights mini-book is a unique and priceless addition to a LifeBook private autobiography. Included free with your LifeBook project, and presented in a beautiful gift box, it’s a chance to capture your voice and laughter forever.

Generations to come will be able to hear the voice and laugh of a loved one, preserved on a high-quality USB mini-book.

All of your autobiography images, professionally improved and captioned, are also included on the USB mini-book.

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"When I’m no longer around, the audio highlights will allow my great-grandson to hear my voice."

One of our authors, Alan Beckett, explains what makes the audio highlights so valuable.

“When I’m no longer around, the audio highlights will allow my great-grandson to hear my voice. There was never being anything like this available to connect my generation to our ancestors. I am sure that future generations will play the highlights from time to time, and that’s quite wonderful.”

The USB mini-book is included FREE with every LifeBook project, including the audio highlights and improved images.

To find out more call 0800 999 2280, email digest@lifebookuk.com or visit the LifeBook website.

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