Can you make money from online slots?

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22nd Dec 2021 Life

Can you make money from online slots?

In your local casino and casinos all over the world, the most played game by far is slot machines.

This is also the same with online casinos - the online slot reigns king. You’d be hard pressed to find a game in a casino that offers the same adrenaline rush and excitement.

But can you actually make money from playing these online slots found on online casinos like Fruity Slots? Well you can’t actually predict whether you’ll make money from a certain slot or not as the results are all random, there are a few things you can know and do to improve your chances!

Get to grip with the basics

The first step in improving your odds when playing online slots is to know the workings of the slot game you’re playing and getting to grips with the basics of online slots. Whilst new slots will come with incredible graphics and animations, at their core all slot machines work pretty much the same.

If you’re just beginning and have never tried online slots before, it may be worth going for  a simpler slot to get the feel of how paylines work and the different types of symbols you can encounter. After you’ve got to grips with them, then you can move onto the more advanced slots which have multiple features like special symbols, multiple bonus rounds and more complicated mechanics

Playing online slots

One of the best ways to get to grips with these online slots is through free plays. These can be found at plenty of online casinos, where you’ll be able to try out the different slot machines with free credits instead of your real money to see how it works and how to trigger various bonus rounds.

Signing up to online casinos is incredibly simple - you’ll just need to enter your basic information such as your name, email address and date of birth - and then confirm your account.

The top mistakes to avoid

Whilst online slot games come in a huge variety of different styles and themes, there are a few ground rules you should take note of in general:

One of the best things you can do at the start of your gambling career is to try multiple different slots to find one or two that you really enjoy. Everybody is different and enjoys different things, and thanks to the sheer multitude of slot games you can find on some casinos, there’s bound to be a few that are perfect for you. You’ve even got branded slots for your favourite TV shows and bands - from Game of Thrones to Guns N Roses !

If you want to win big then take a look at progressive jackpot slots. These styles of game take a small percentage of every bet made on the machines and add them into one big collective pot. One lucky winner wins this entire pot when they manage to strike it lucky. Whilst the chances of winning this progressive jackpot are slim, people have walked away with millions!

A more advanced tip to help you with your odds of making money from online slots is to look at the RTP or Return To Player percentage of the games. This number represents the average return a player sees over a prolonged period of playing that machine. The higher this percentage, the better. This number doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed that percentage of return though!

Next  up, you should always play with a budget. Set a certain amount of money you want to gamble with in every session and when that is through, stop playing. In an ideal world, you’ll leave every one of your gaming sessions with a nice little profit. But in reality there are no guarantees you’ll walk away with a profit, so it’s best to play for fun and treat any wins you get as a bonus.

Lastly, coming from the last point - make sure you’re enjoying yourself! Only play for as long as you're having fun whilst playing the slots and letting your hair down - as soon as you get bored or hit your budget, stop playing. You want to be able to return to each gaming session fresh and without a sour taste in your mouth from your last gaming session.

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