Best of British: Street food

BY Jessica Lone Summers

15th Aug 2019 Life

Best of British: Street food

Whether you want a picnic, food trucks or fresh local produce, here are the best street food options across Britain this summer

Borough Market, Southwark, London

Borough Market 3CS John Holdship1.jpg

Boasting over 1000 years of service, Borough Market is London’s oldest street food paradise and the expertise certainly shows. From locally-sourced fresh produce to cookery demos with expert chefs, it’s not your average town food stall. With so much on offer there’s no way you’ll merely browse and pass through; you’ll be interacting, asking questions and learning about the historic institution—the food-lover’s dream day out.

Says head of food policy, David Matchett, “When the sun is out, putting together a picnic is a Londoner’s favourite thing to do. You can choose the best bread, cheese, ham and accompaniments from our specialist traders to make your own Borough Market ploughman’s to enjoy by the river. For a quick one-stop shop to taste the best that Borough Market has to offer, pop to Elliot’s Restaurant. The chef sources wonderful ingredients exclusively from the market and prepares fresh, seasonal small plates.”

To top it off, none of the market’s rubbish goes to landfill. All cardboard, paper, plastic, glass or wood is recycled and all remaining food waste is sent to an anaerobic digestion plant.


Night Market, Exeter Quay

exeter quay night market.jpg

Night owls will revel in this magical Devon selection. Situated on cobbled stone by the beautiful Exeter canal, this nocturnal street food market will delight visitors with an assortment of luxurious food and wine stalls.

Taking place on the first Thursday of every month, there’s often sultry live music to enhance your experience. To take full advantage of the scenery and historic surroundings, try perching near the flowing dark water with a pickle and bacon burger in hand, or opt for the chorizo, spinach and potato dish and a glass of wine. Truly the perfect location for a blissful date night filled with romance.


The Pitt Market, Edinburgh

The Pitt market edinburgh.jpg

For a relaxed all-for-one-and-one-for-all atmosphere with folk and acoustic music ringing in the air, head to The Pitt, based in Edinburgh's buzzing Leith area. This joyously Scottish joint houses the three-time winner (The Buffalo Truck) of the Hellman’s Scottish Street Food awards and for good reason; their food is delicious and is as local as it gets. Starting life as Scotland’s first street food market in 2015, The Pitt changes their food line-up weekly meaning no two visits are ever the same. What’s more, they often travel to other locations, so be sure to keep an eye out for any of their upcoming events.


Grub Food Fair, Manchester

grub food fair manchester.jpg

Craft ale, wine, cocktails, DJs and great food. What more could one ask for? This weekly Mancunian food event combines art, food and creativity in a fun, wholesome environment for all to enjoy. And eco-warriors and vegans can rest easy because Sunday holds a separate event offering strictly plant-based food that you definitely don’t have to be vegan to enjoy. Having expanded to the Mayfield Depot from the previous improvised space Grub started off at in 2017, you could now easily mistake your surroundings for a laid-back festival, and with more street food traders being added to the line-up, this food fair is set to be a summer favourite.


St George’s Market, Belfast

st george belfast market.jpg

Although St George’s Market as we know it was built around 1890, the weekly Friday market actually dates as far back as 1604.

As one of Belfast’s oldest attractions it has plenty on offer—from freshly baked goods to newly caught fish—and there’s a happy, energetic atmosphere that surrounds both the visitors and vendors alike.

Live music from local musicians floods the air as shoppers browse a variety of speciality foods from stalls such as Atlantic Ocean Delights, who specialise in unique seaweed based products.

Live music from local musicians floods the air as shoppers browse a variety of speciality foods from stalls such as Atlantic Ocean Delights, who specialise in unique seaweed based products.

For those with a sweet tooth, Blackthorn foods offers an array of delightful fudge, and you’ll find fresh, yeast-raised treats over at Doughzy Donuts.


Malton Food Market, Yorkshire

malton food market yorkshire.jpg

Baked goods and healthy treats are aplenty here. The Purple Carrot stall offers wonderfully nourishing veggie food—which you’ll easily notice from the assortment of bright and beautiful produce—dive straight in with a bean fritter, or a delightful beetroot quiche to awaken your senses.

Be sure to check their site before you visit; Malton Market often holds live chef demos meaning you’ll walk away enlightened and your yummy purchases won’t go to waste. Also on offer are trips to Talbot Yard where a gin distillery, macaron maker and coffee roaster all await.


Orton Farmer’s Market, Cumbria

Orton Farmer’s Market, Cumbria .jpg

No street food list would be complete without a farmers’ market and Orton, nestled in the heart of Eden, is a wonderful place to start. Registered with FARMA (The Farm Retail Association) and with focuses on local produce and sustainability from over 25 regular native suppliers, there’s a homely feel that would be incredibly hard to replicate elsewhere. When perusing for food, you’ll notice that everything offered is seasonal so come with some recipes in mind to suit the month’s deliveries. After scouring the shelves for the best fresh meat and veggies, be sure to head over to the Saucy Mare stall, whose delectable choices of meal topping sauces will be sure to keep your future dinner guests raving for weeks.


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