Best dissertation books that will help you


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Best dissertation books that will help you

Academic writing can be very challenging and when you’re writing a thesis, you require a particular set of skills. Your dissertation may be the longest piece of work you have ever done but there are ways to make it more manageable and less overwhelming.

There are some dissertation books that can help you to prepare, plan and write your dissertation. They cover issues such as research design, the mechanics of writing and formatting, and how to present and publish the final work.

How to prepare a dissertation proposal 

A dissertation proposal usually includes an introduction, a literature review, an outline of the proposed methodology, a discussion of the possible implications of the research and a bibliography of relevant sources. It basically explains what you want to study, how you will study it, why it needs to be studied and its usefulness. 


“How to prepare a dissertation proposal: Suggestions for Students in Education and the Social and Behavioral Sciences” is not just a step-by-step guidebook. Authors, David Krathwohl and Nick Smith, start off by defining the basics of a dissertation proposal but they go on to explore how to build a chain of reasoning and review various study designs.


Chapters of the book cover qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method studies. Other key issues the book addresses are the core elements of a strong proposal, accenting the strengths of study design and how computer use can facilitate a literature review. Students find out the best way to get a proposal reviewed and approved. The annotated proposals of three former students of the authors are included.


How to write your First Thesis 


“How to write your first thesis: A practical guide for the entire process of producing a thesis for the first time” by Paul Gruba and Justin Zoel is a reader-friendly book that guides students who need to undertake original research and write a thesis for the first time. These experienced researchers help students to understand how to scope a topic, manage references and interpret data. 


The book explains how to work with a supervisor and approach the work in an organized, productive manner. It helps students to structure a thesis and explains how to avoid mistakes like inadvertent plagiarism. It also covers the methods and results crucial for original research. There is also a useful checklist of all the details students need to check before final submission. 


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Writing a winning thesis or dissertation

Since 1998 this book, originally by Allan Glatthorn, has been a go-to resource for students who want guidance on the best practices for dissertation writing. It has been revised or updated several times and includes insights on how to leverage new technologies to maximize efficiency and current case studies that show this in action. It includes tested principles on how to plan effectively, write in an engaging style, and much more in a writing style that makes the material easy to digest. 


Online help is available for students wanting an essay writing service. At writix.co.uk, students can find available writers who offer online help. This is an essay writing service for all courses and the dedicated team of writing experts can help write quality papers on an endless variety of topics. They deliver 100% original content and can turn a paper over quickly if this is required. Expert dissertation writers have verified academic degrees and go through detailed training.


Students looking for dissertation ideas, such as sports dissertation ideas, should only choose ideas that can help progress their careers in the future.


Helping doctoral students write

Kamler and Thomson’s “Helping doctoral students write: pedagogies for supervision” tackles some complicated issues like modality and nominalization but it does so in an uncomplicated way. This reason is that it contains many practical suggestions and exercises. It manages to achieve a balance between theoretical insights into the complexities of doctoral writing and yet offers practice writing strategies.


It has a humanities bent but it covers a broad range of issues that arise while writing a thesis and has a light touch. A chapter like “Modality: The Goldilocks Dilemma” may be beyond some students but this is a good book for an advanced student who wants to produce a great dissertation.


Writing a dissertation is not easy and may require great dedication to finish it. However, there are ways to make writing easier and the above books offer some excellent advice, from how to write a dissertation proposal, how to write a first thesis and how to make it a winning one. There is also some advice for more advanced students. Every aspect of writing a dissertation is addressed in detail.

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