Are chuggers really the best way to give to charity?

A chugger’s demand

There was a time, not so long ago, when ‘chuggers’ - a portmanteau of "charity" and "mugger" - were just bored people with buckets for you to drop a few pennies in. They wanted nothing more than an on-the-spot donation. Whether you loved them or hated them, your interaction with them was, at least, guaranteed to be mercifully brief. However, charities have changed their tactics in recent years. Nowadays, chuggers don’t want the loose change from your pocket: they want you to set up a direct debit so that you donate a little money to their charity every month.

Are you a real chugger?

Commitment issues

What are your alternatives?

Raising awareness

Ultimately, chuggers are a great way for charities to raise awareness of the causes and issue they represent. They can talk directly to the public and get people to think about the role of charity in society and how they can help support it. However, as a method of raising money, they’re inefficient and, quite frankly, unpleasant to deal with. We all want to do our bit for charity, but you’d be well advised to avoid chuggers and donate on your own terms.