Ara Torosian, Through grace and by faith


24th Oct 2021 Life

Ara Torosian, Through grace and by faith

Challenges and struggles are a constant part of being human. What differentiates successful from unsuccessful people is how they choose to respond in the face of these adversities.



While some lose hope and get demotivated, other use failures to fuel to their fire. Instead of getting discouraged, they learn from their mistakes and move forward with their head held high. Ara Torosian is an example of a man who built his legacy from the stones that were thrown at him. He is a pastor, YouTuber, and music video producer. His journey to self-expression was by no means linear, yet through resilience and persistence, he turned his life around and conquered every obstacle. 

Faith over fear

Torosian was born in January of 1979 in Tehran, Iran, and was raised in an Armenian household. His tough childhood experiences are what instilled in him the will to inspire and help others. Music wasn’t his first career choice, and initially, he wanted to become a soccer player. He joined a professional soccer team and worked tirelessly to ensure he made his mark. But God had other plans in mind for him. At the age of 15, he suffered from a terrible injury that put his sports dreams on hold. It was during this dark period that Torosian found solace in religion. His life changed the day he came across a Farsi Bible and started giving it a read. In this book, he found the peace that he had been searching for long. The Bible restored his faith and helped him find his purpose. He wanted to serve Jesus by spreading his message, helping those around him, and guiding lost souls towards the path of faith.

Torosian knew that to become a better teacher and to serve humanity, he needed to dedicate more time to religion. Driven by his belief in God, he began his journey of faith by joining a bible school in England. His stay here, although challenging, was extremely gratifying. His peers constantly bullied and judged him, but Torosian knew this his purpose was much larger than these temporary obstacles. With a smile on his face and determination in his heart, he worked tirelessly to prove his worth and excel in this program. His hard work did not go to waste, and soon he was offered an esteemed position as a pastor for Iranian refugees in Turkey and Istanbul. With each success that came his way, his belief in his lord kept strengthening. He could see that all the hardships since childhood were intended to shape him into a man who could spread the message of God. 

Rising by lifting others

Blessed with the position of a pastor, Torosian used his influence to establish a school for refugee children in Istanbul. During this period, he came across several teenagers highly blessed in the art of worship music. He wanted to become a part of their dreams, encourage them and help them use their potential to benefit others. He realized that worship songs could be used to communicate the love for Jesus and spread the message of faith all around the globe. With the help of his friends and a few connections in the music industry, Torosian produced his first Farsi Christian Music Album. Although his first step In the music industry was very successful, he realized that the industry severely lacked good quality Farsi-Christian programs, music, and productions. To bridge this gap and dedicate more time to Christian music, Torosian moved to the hub of Hollywood, Los Angeles. There he met many aspiring musicians, artists, and filmmakers who share his vision to reduce Christian Media Weakness and produce Farsi Christian worship songs in higher and respectful standards.  

Torosian aimed to produce music that would reach the hearts of lost individuals all around the globe and help them find strength through faith. His dream has been to create a Christian Music Platform that can distribute and promote Iranian artists. So far, he has worked with Armenian International Singer Andre Hovnanyan, Iranian International Singer Cameron Cartio, Iranian popstar Helen Matevosian, and Lebanese Armenian Singer and worship Leader Salpi Keleshian. He has directed and produced over ten music videos that have received global recognition and respect. Currently, Torosian is working on creating an Iranian Christian music Label along with an app and website as a resource and platform to utilize the full potential of Iranian and Farsi speakers.

Through his faith and belief in his religion, Pastor Ara Torosian overcame the many challenges that came along his path. He is living proof that even the toughest battles can be won with little dedication and determination. Instead of getting discouraged by his many tough experiences, Torosian chose to stand tall in the face of all adversities and rise from the ashes as a better man. 

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