A special message from Her Majesty the Queen


18th Jan 2022 Life

A special message from Her Majesty the Queen

As Reader's Digest celebrates its 100th anniversary, Her Majesty the Queen sends us a special message celebrating our mission and legacy 


For the 50th anniversary of the British Reader’s Digest in 1988, her Majesty the Queen penned a short letter to the staff and readers of the Digest to join our celebrations. 

This year, as the international brand celebrates another major milestone—our 100th anniversary—we are honoured and delighted to receive this inspiring message from Her Majesty, celebrating our mission to enlighten, encourage and entertain…

"As Reader’s Digest celebrates its One Hundredth year, it is with great pleasure that I send my best wishes to you, the readers and all those associated with the publication.

Founded with the spirit of bringing the best writing to a worldwide audience, you have enlightened, encouraged and entertained individuals on a variety of subjects and important issues.

On this notable anniversary, I wish you every success for the future and hope you continue to inspire people around the world through the power of the written word for many years to come."

Elizabeth R. 

1st February, 2022 


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