A queenly quiz: How well do you know Her Majesty?

BY Doris Kochanek

1st Jan 2015 Life

A queenly quiz: How well do you know Her Majesty?

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday on April 21. We're paying tribute to Britain's longest reigning monarch with our right royal quiz. Answers are at the bottom of the page. 

1.  The Queen's Birthday

The Queen's official birthday celebrations always took place on a Saturday in June. The high point of the festivities is an official parade. What’s it called?

Queen Elizabeth birthday
Celebrating her 80th birthday. Image via Britannica 

a) Trooping the Colour

b) Beating Retreat

c) The Royal Maundy



2. Spirit animal

Ever since she was a child, Elizabeth was very fond of animals. The Crown actually asserts the right of ownership for one species of bird. Which one? 

Queen Elizabeth Corgis
With her beloved corgis. Image via IMGUR

a) Ravens

b) Swans

c) Owls



3. Royal pastime

Which of these activities did Elizabeth like best?

queen elizabeth horse riding
Image via People

a) Scottish country dancing

b) Archery

c) Cricket



4. How do you do?

If you ever had the pleasure of meeting the Queen, it would have been best to know the correct form of address. What should you have said?

lady gaga and the queen
How did Lady Gaga address the Queen when she met her in 2009? Image via Zimbio

a) Your Majesty

b) Ma'am

c) There's no prescribed form of address



5. Licensed to...

The Queen never attended school, but Elizabeth did earn professional qualifications in one sector. Which?  

young queen elizabeth studying
The Queen studies as a young woman. Image via Pinterest

a) Nursing

b) Driving

c) Flying



6. Living abroad

In which Commonwealth country did Elizabeth actually live for a short time when she was a young woman? 

prince phillip queen elizabeth
As a young woman, with Prince Philip. Image via National Portrait Gallery

a) Canada

b) Jamaica

c) Malta



7. Queen's speech

What other language, besides English, did the Queen speak fluently?

Pope and the Queen
Meeting Pope Francis. Image via YouTube

a) French

b) German

c) Spanish



8. Her Majesty's property

Which of these great houses did Elizabeth actually own herself?

Queen in Buckoinham Palace
Working in Buckingham Palace. Image via CBS

a) Windsor Castle

b) Kensington Palace

c) Balmoral Castle



9. One is not amused

At a state visit to Australia in 1954 there were reports of a heated row between Elizabeth and Philip. How did the Queen express her anger?

philip and elizabeth
Laughing with Prince Philip. Image via Vanity Fair

a) She referred to her husband loudly as an idiot

b) She refused to sit next to him at an evening reception

c) She threw a shoe at him



10. Impostor to the throne

Which of these actresses won an Oscar for her portrayal of the Queen?

queen elizabeth
The Queen meets Marilyn Monroe at a film premiere in 1956. Image via History by Zim

a) Kate Winslet

b) Helen Mirren

c) Emma Thompson




1) A 
Beating Retreat is a pageant of music and military drill. It took place twice a year, on the Wednesday and Thursday before the birthday parade Trooping the Colour. During a service on Maundy Thursday, the Queen distributed Royal Maundy coins to deserving senior citizens. 

2) B
In Britain all unmarked mute swans in open water belong to the Crown. In practice, Elizabeth only claimed ownership of those swans living along certain sections of the Thames and its tributaries.

3) A
Every year, the Queen hosted country dancing events at Balmoral. Those invited included neighbours, 
locals and employees of the estate.

4) C
Although there’s technically no prescribed form of address, tradition required “Your Majesty” at the introduction itself and “Ma’am”
in further course of the conversation.

5) B
In1945 Elizabeth joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service, where she underwent training as a driver.

6) C
In 1949, Elizabeth, then still a princess, followed her husband to the Mediterranean where he was serving as a navy officer. The couple lived there until 1951.

7) A
The care and upbringing of Elizabeth and her sister Margaret were entrusted to a long list of people, including governesses who spoke French with the princesses.

8) C
Elizabeth owned Balmoral in Scotland and traditionally spent part of the summer there.

9) C
According to one biographer, Elizabeth later apologised for her unseemly behaviour. 

10) B
Helen Mirren won an Academy Award in 2007 for her portrayal of the Queen. She'd already been elevated to the status of Dame of the British Empire in 2003 for her services to the arts. 


How did you do?

0–3 Pesky peasant

pesky peasant

Uh oh, you're looking every bit the right royal idiot! Better brush up on some royal trivia…


3-7 Sussed subject 

queen celebrates

You're every bit the clued-in civilian, but you're not quite a die-hard royalist. A respectable score!


7-10 Queen of the quiz

queen salute

The Queen herself would have saluted you! Congratulations, you've mastered the quiz and know all there is to know about Britain's longest reigning monarch.


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