9 simple CV secrets


1st Jan 2015 Life

9 simple CV secrets

Follow these simple steps to improve your CV and wait for your inbox to become inundated with interview offers. These tips will not only improve your CV but improve your chances of landing that dream job. “Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.”

“Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.”

It’s soul-destroying if you fail to get even a sliver of feedback, let alone the job—but it’s the norm. “Online applications run into hundreds and employers just can’t cope,” says Angela Baron of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. “To make it into the ‘yes’ pile, you need to stand out from the crowd.” Here’s how to do it without using green ink

1. Keep it short

One side of A4 if you’re starting out, two if you’re senior.

2. Don’t ping off the same CV to every vacancy 

Tailor it to each one, showing how you can make a difference in that job.

3. Hit them with a marketing statement right at the top 

Outline what makes you the perfect candidate.

4. Follow with a brief summary of your education.

Don’t assume an employer will read on to page two to find out that you’re qualified.

5. Employers love skills sections

Just make a list of your six most relevant skills and put them in bullet points—this ensures that your valuable experience does not get overlooked.

6. Highlight your most relevant experience

But to careful to avoid leaving gaps in your work history—or giving a laboured explanation for them. “You can cover a career break in a line,” says Baron.

7. If you’re currently unemployed 

List every course, committee or voluntary job you’ve taken on. “Managing budgets” is especially popular.

8. Your contact details should be easy to find

Your age and family are irrelevant. And once you’re past filling in a UCAS form, so are your hobbies.

9. Sell yourself

Do not give the impression you have qualifications or experience you don’t possess. “Attended X University” is fine if you dropped out, “Degree, X University” could get you fired. And then you’d have to start all over again.

It's also worth looking at professional CV and resume examples and templates to help you in creating your own.