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8 Top up-and-coming relocation hotspots to move to

BY Reassure

4th May 2023 Life

8 Top up-and-coming relocation hotspots to move to

Itching to move somewhere new this year? Reassured ranks the best up-and-coming cities to move to around the UK, based on average income, green spaces and more

After a change of scenery this year? Whether you’re thinking about moving to reduce commuting, or you’ve grown tired of seeing the same views every morning, there are plenty of reasons why you might choose to up-sticks and move.

But if that’s your plan, where in the UK is the best place to relocate to in 2023?

To help you get started, we have created a shortlist of the best up-and-coming cities that are sure to win your heart. Ranked for a variety of factors, here are the top eight cities that we rated as the best UK places for you to move to.

1. York

cathedral and old town in YorkYork is famed for its cathedral and medieval architecture

Coming in at number one is York. Home to cobbled streets and medieval architecture, York is overflowing with history and culture.

With 23.81 per cent of its schools ranking as outstanding, and 36 per cent of the city being classed as green space, York is the perfect place to move if you’re thinking about raising a family.

And with the average salary sitting at £33,072, and home a high percentage of young people (15.09 per cent), it’s also great for young professionals.

2. Newcastle

Millennium bridge over river in NewcastleNewcastle boasts a rich industrial history and vibrant nightlife

In second place, we have Newcastle. The business and social hub of the North-East, Newcastle is steeped in industrial heritage and a buzzing nightlife.

Interestingly, Newcastle came first for the city with the most green space on our list, with up to 59.1 per cent of the city being classed as green space! Newcastle is also ideal for young people as well, who make up 17.45 per cent of its population.

3. Oxford

View of rooftops in OxfordWith a high average salary, Oxford is an ideal home for young working professionals

Searching for the city with the highest percentage of young professionals? Look no further than the world-famous Oxford.

Over one-fifth of Oxford’s population can be classed as young (21.75 per cent to be precise), which is no surprise when the average monthly bill total sits at £167.14.

And with the average salary being £35,724, anyone living here can enjoy some expendable income on the weekends.

4. Norwich

View of river and houses in NorwichEast Anglia's best kept secret, Norwich is home to Roman landmarks and a busy festival calendar

The most easterly city in the UK, Norwich is home to plenty of unique features. Classed as a UNESCO city of literature, and hiding over 30 medieval churches, Norwich caps all of this off of this by holding numerous annual festivals as well.

But besides history and festivities, Norwich has the ninth lowest unemployment rate on our list at nearly three per cent, as well as a brilliant average monthly bill total of just £146.67. 

Add to this the second-lowest crime index score in our rankings (26.04), and Norwich will feel like home before you know it.

5. Exeter

Locals sitting outside care in ExeterExeter is brimming with green spaces, making it an ideal home for sports hobbyists

A cultural hub based far in the South-West of England, Exeter mixes all the best aspects of a vibrant sporting city with various local cultural sites and activities.

Exeter offers a high percentage of green space, which make up for 31.1 per cent of the city, and an enviably low unemployment rate of two per cent, which is the third lowest on our list.

Scoring well in all other areas, Exeter has something to offer everyone.

6. Cambridge

Punting on river Cam in CambridgeLocals are immersed in riverside beauty spots and grand university architecture in Cambridge

The chief rival city of Oxford, Cambridge provides many of the same features as Oxford but throws in plenty of older, stylish architecture on top of this to enjoy.

In fact, when it comes to young professionals, Cambridge is second only to Oxford, with a young population percentage of 20.63 per cent.

It also has the second lowest unemployment list behind York at 1.9 per cent, which when combined with a respectable average salary of £35,724, makes it ideal for anyone stepping into the world of work.

7. Telford

Iron bridge in TelfordTelford's low crime rate makes it a safe and secure place to raise a young family

Not quite a city, but certainly offering city-level amenities, Telford’s biggest features are by far its huge 450-acre park and extensive shopping centre.

Unsurprisingly, Telford scores highly for green space, at 36 per cent, but also boasts the best crime index score on our list at 24.6. Top this off with 21.33 per cent of its schools being classed as outstanding and Telford is the ideal family spot.

8. Swansea

View of seafront in SwanseaSwansea blends a coastal charm with the bustle of a city

Last, but not least, we have the city of Swansea. The second largest city in Wales, Swansea delivers a quaint coastal feel while still being a bustling city hub.

Swansea scores well in all areas we ranked but stands out as being fourth for both green spaces and average monthly bills, which sit at 46.5 per cent and £155 respectively.

Add an excellent average house price of £165,090 to this and Swansea is well within most people’s budgets.

And there you have it; those are our top eight up-and-coming UK cities you might want to move to in 2023. You can visit the Reassured blog for more nationwide insights.

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*This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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