8 Excellent heated blankets to keep you insulated in winter

BY Joshua Joda

22nd Jan 2024 Life

5 min read

8 Excellent heated blankets to keep you insulated in winter
Winter is almost here and as we gear up for the cold months to come, it can help to have extra methods for keeping warm, like these electric heated blankets
As it gets colder, people naturally gravitate to different ways to stay warm both inside and outside, whether that’s by wearing more layers, thicker clothes or using electric heaters.
Newer technology manages to combine the traditional—blankets, with technology in the form of the heated blanket, allowing you to stay warm indoors and with a higher degree of control.

Silentnight Comfort control electric blanket

Silent night comfort control blanket
This electric blanket is great at covering the basics, with three speed settings and fast heat up capability. It also features overheating protection for peace of mind, is hypoallergenic and importantly is soft and cosy to use for a good night’s rest.

Cosi home electric blanket

Cosi home electric blanket
The Cosi Home heated blanket/throw comes with a notable nine heat settings for getting exactly the right temperature you need. It’s made from comfortable faux fur and microfleece material, which is great for keeping you warm and make it perfect for a bed or couch.
The blanket also comes with a remote control and a built-in, nine-hour timer for setting specific periods of use.

Mia & Coco electric blanket

Mia and coco electric blanket
Coming in at a standard 160x120cm size, this blanket also has fast heating and a whopping ten different heat settings 25 – 53C making it quite variable. It’s made from flannel and premium sherpa material which is safe to use—plus it comes with an auto shut off feature.

Dreamcatcher electric blanket

Dreamcatcher electric blanket
The Dreamcatcher blanket will keep you warm in the doldrums of winter and is also energy efficient, only costing you 3p per hour for standard heating. It’s a soft fleece polyester blanket which will be soft and silky to the touch and it’s also machine washable, allowing you to reuse it for years to come.

Jervamni electric blanket

Jervamni electric blanket
This heated blanket is ultra soft and friendly to the skin, featuring overheat protection and that all-important low energy consumption as well. Its smart controller will allow you to adequately adjust heat settings and its ten-hour timer allows you to set it to your desired level.

Monhouse electric blanket

Monhouse electric blanket
Machine washable with an auto shut-off feature, this full-body blanket is great for warming you up efficiently with heat preservation and nine different heat settings.
It’s great to use in bed, on the couch or a chair if you’re working from home—the blanket also comes in a wide variety of colours to suit different interior decors and personal taste.

Comfytemp electric blanket

Comfy temp electric blanket
This large electric blanket is great for quick and more evenly distributed heating to warm you up indoors. Other key features include three heat settings and a length nine-foot-long power cord, allowing you to adjust the blankets heat with a bit more portability.
The blanket also has a double-sided design for comfort and to preserve heat when it’s in use.

Silentnight dual control electric blanket

Silent night dual control blanket
As cliché as it is, if you find yourself and your partner fighting over blanket coverage, a dual-heated blanket may be the perfect solution.
Coming with independent control settings for each side of the bed, this king size blanket (160x200cm), is ideal for couples trying to stay warm and cosy in winter. Also included are easy fit straps to keep the blanket secure as well as away from the mattress edges for safety.
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