7 Thoughtful Mother's Day gifts

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7 Thoughtful Mother's Day gifts

These are a few ideas to show appreciation and love this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it’s a special day for showing some gratitude and appreciation to mothers worldwide for raising and caring for their children. Naturally there are a lot of potential gifts out there for the occasion to choose from, so we’ve put together some fun ideas that will give you the inspiration for a thoughtful gift.

Self-care gift box

Gift boxes are often a great idea for gifts as they pack several curated goodies in them. Included in this Mother’s Day themed pack is a ceramic coffee mug, an aromatic crystal bath bomb, and scented candles, to name just a few of the self-care items within.

It’s a perfect gift for some at home relaxation which can be great for mums, to unwind on that special day, or whenever they feel like it.


TOPDesign personalised canvas bag

Give a more stylish gift this Mother’s Day with this tote bag, made of natural cotton and built with reinforced seams, it’s durable and built to last. It’s about the right size for convenient shoulder carrying and could make for a great picnic or beach bag—or just for general day-to-day use.

Note: For 100% natural cotton bags, do not machine wash or tumble dry.


Mother's Day scrabble print

This scrabble frame offers a more personal and alternative touch for Mother’s Day, with a simple but thoughtful message. You can also customise the names on the pieces to your own family names.


Personalised interlocking necklace

Show your mother your appreciation this Mother’s Day with this made-to-order interlocking necklace, that you can personalise with any name or date engraved on it. You can adjust a few things, such as the number of interlocking circles and the chain length.

In terms of colours, you also get to choose from silver, gold and rose gold, depending on what’s most appealing.


Katie Loxton slim pouch

Sometimes a small and simple gift can do just the trick, so if you wanted to go that route, this Katie Loxton pouch would be a great choice. It’s made from vegan leather and embroidered with “Wonderful Mum” on its front. It’s pocket-sized and can also handily fit in a handbag as an option for carrying small items.


Jimmy Choo Blossom special edition - Eau de Parfum

Spring is in the air and so are the fragrances that are commonly associated with it.

Presented in a vivacious, brightly-coloured bottle and also diamond-shaped cap, this Jimmy Choo fragrance is a great gift for Mother’s Day and the blossoming of a new season, with its sweet and warm floral scents.


Floral punch needle kit

Punch needle kit

If your mum is into crafts, needling or is a plant lover, then this is the perfect gift for her. Made from cotton, beech wood and recycled plastic, it’s a punch needle kit ideal for hanging on a wall or help decorate a table stand with its nature themed fern look.

It all comes gift wrapped in recyclable packaging as well. Included inside is: the needle fabric, a design template, and detailed needling instructions for beginners.


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