7 Halloween games to play with the grandkids

Celebrate this year's fright night by playing some of these harmless yet spooky games with the grandchildren. Plus, they're all easy to make with things you already have lying around the house!

Gross body bits

Gross body bits game
Image via My Organised Chaos

This one is not for the squeamish but will make those kids with a thirst for the grotesque giggle and squee. It requires a little imagination from the adults; check your cupboards, raid your fridge and you’ll be surprised what ghoulish body bits you find in there.

Spaghetti becomes monster guts. Twiglets become witches bones. Peeled tomatoes are bleeding goblin hearts. Peeled grapes are eyeballs. Either blindfold the kids or cover the plates of goo to keep the surprise. 

Take a look at this site for more inspiration

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Pumpkin pop

balloon game halloween kids
Image via Hostess With The Mostess

For this game, you’ll need orange balloons and small treats. Hide the treats in some of the balloons.

It’s up to you how you execute this game. You may want to pin them to a board and have the children take turns choosing which to pop first. You may want to fill a room with balloons and have the kids sit on them to pop them.

If you don’t mind mess you could even fill a couple of balloons with gunge and dangle the balloons from the ceiling or a tree.

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Pick their brains

monster brain game grandkids halloween
Image via Mom to 2 Posh Divas

You’ll need some pasta, preferably fusilli, farfalle, or shells. Cook it up until its overly soft (just leave it on the hob 5-10 minutes longer than usual) and wait for it to cool. Then mix in a selection of small plastic spiders and sweets.

When pasta cools it goes wonderfully sticky and squishy. Put it in a large bowl, cover it in a cloth and have the little ones pick the brains for goodies. For added effect why not add a whole lot of red food dye?

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Skeleton hunt race

skeleton hunt race
Image via Sugar and Charm

This involves getting a little crafty. Make DIY bones and skulls and distribute them about the house and garden. The goal of the game is to collect the bones and build the skeleton.

Have a base (somewhere with enough space to build the skeleton) and get the kids to stick the bones to a large sheet of black paper. Leave clues so the kids can find the bones. This can be as easy, hard or silly as you like.

This website gives loads of great advice on how to make up treasure hunt clues. If you want to be really ambitious, you can have two teams.

Click here for an example of a skeleton template


Trick or treat?

trick or treat game for grandchildren
Image via The Mumsy Blog

This is a mix of ‘pick their brains’ and ‘gross body bits’. You’ll need a selection of small cardboard boxes, treats and some gross feely things.

Stack the boxes and cover them in fabric and cotton wool. Place treats in some of the boxes and gross things in others, or make a little I’m a Celebrity and mix the two together.

The kids will then have to take turns putting their hands in the boxes and finding the treats.

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Pin the spider on the web

spider web halloween games for grandchildren
Image via HGTV

You could keep this really simple and draw your web out on a large piece of paper, but where’s the fun in that?

We’re advocates of building the web out of wool and draping it over a wall. Then all we need are some cut out spiders, some sticky glue dots, and a blindfold. The closest the spider is to the centre is the winner.

Visit HGTV for full instructions


Wrap the mummy

wrap the mummy
Image via The Balance

This is a great game to play in groups or with just the two of you. You’ll need a lot of toilet roll and some masking tape. If you’re playing in groups, one person must volunteer to be the mummy and the others must wrap them up.

Give the team ten minutes, using the materials provided, to make the best mummy possible. But don’t forget the clock’s ticking!

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