5 tips to enjoy Easter in 2022


21st Mar 2022 Life

5 tips to enjoy Easter in 2022

The third Easter of COVID-19 is upon us, and there will probably be fewer carollers and associated cultural events than we are used to. But that doesn’t mean we should be sad during the spring festivities. How to enjoy them to the fullest?

Decorate your home

Easter is a celebration of spring. Nature is waking up after its winter slumber. So, decorate your home with Easter symbols. You can make your own wreath for the front door or let seeds sprout in a pot.

Put sprigs of goldenrod or holly in a vase to make your home bloom beautifully during Easter. Alternatively, daffodils or tulips can be bought at any florist and most supermarkets or greengrocers at this time of year. Other Easter decorations may include eggshells and other symbols of spring. There are no limits to your imagination and creativity.

The magic of Easter cooking

Traditional dishes are also an inherent part of Easter. In addition to the simpler ones like egg spread, you should not forget to bake a lamb pie and mazanec. If you prefer savoury pastries, you can try Easter jidáš.

Other classic dishes include mince or roast lamb, veal, rabbit, or even goat meat. Don’t forget to make a strong broth for soup full of spring’s first vegetables.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with egg decorations

Decorating eggs is something you'll enjoy most with children. You can teach them the tried and tested techniques or leave room for creativity and decorate the eggs in an original way. After all, no one says we have to be stuck in the way our grandmothers celebrated Easter. Find your own decorations that you and your kids will have the most fun with.

Go for a walk

The first days of spring literally invite you to take a walk. The sun is getting stronger and the first plants are waking up in the gardens. Spring walks – whether alone, with family, or with friends – are among the best of the year.

Besides admiring the gardens and the awakening landscape, you can also take inspiration from your neighbours’ decorations and borrow some ideas for your own home.

If the current plans don’t get affected by the coronavirus again in 2022, you might be able to stop by local markets. Have a nice cup of mead and enjoy the beauty of your neighbourhood.

Read a good book, watch a movie

As soon as you get home, you can snuggle up in a warm blanket, sip your favourite tea, and pick up a book you've been reading. You know the saying: April comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. And with Easter falling in mid-April this year, you have every right to stay cosy at home. And above all, remember that you can be in a good mood no matter what the circumstances, you just might need to put in a little extra effort yourself.

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