5 Perfect podcasts for new university students

George Chrysostomou

BY George Chrysostomou

22nd Aug 2023 Life

5 Perfect podcasts for new university students
With new students heading to university in September, here are some podcasts that will give freshers the knowledge they need to embrace the experience
September will mark the start of a brand new journey for many students across the UK and internationally. University is a bold new step in any young person’s life. Many freshers will be leaving home for the first time, meeting lots of new people and learning to budget and cook for themselves.
It’s a period of major change and one that can seem daunting. But whether it’s for a little academic boost or to point newcomers in the right direction, these podcasts will ensure that students are armed with all the knowledge they need to make the most of their experience.

No More Beans: The Student Money Podcast

Credit: No More Beans: The Student Money Podcast
Save The Student is a fantastic impartial advice brand that’s been set up to aid students with their financial needs. While its articles and well-researched think pieces are critical for any new university students, the site has also launched a podcast created by two former students.
Jess and Tom dive into personal stories that every fresher will soon be able to relate to. But amongst the funny anecdotes are genuine words of wisdom about how to make your money go further. From cheap holidays to earning money while studying, the pod has everything covered.
But it’s not all about economics. The limited series also touches on topics such as making the most of freshers week and learning to get through stressful test periods. It’s a genuine essential for anyone who feels they need words of practical encouragement.

Fresher Take

Fresher Take was a podcast imagined by students, for students. Hosted by Tori and Alex, the duo talk about all the highs and lows of the university experience, providing honest insights based on their backgrounds. Since it was an ongoing series, it depicts the realistic student schedule, touching on topics such as the holiday seasons, learning to live in shared accommodation and what to do after graduation.
This isn’t just about being prepared for uni before students arrive, this podcast is great to listen to throughout the term. There’s a relevant episode for every problem and it never fails to provide solutions.
Plus, the podcast isn’t just concerned about academic achievement or the logistics of moving in. It puts the focus on mental and emotional welfare, an important topic that often goes overlooked when discussing education.

BBC Good Food Cook Smart

Credit: BBC Good Food Cook Smart the Podcast
Becoming a student is a major turning point in anyone’s culinary journey. Many people get into bad habits at university when it comes to cooking, sometimes relying on takeaways or failing to learn some of the basics. BBC Good Food Cook Smart podcast is a well-balanced mini-series hosted by Mallika Basu that should equip all cooks, no matter how inexperienced they are.
While BBC Good Food will have some amazing recipes to try out, the podcast is aimed at getting tips from chefs and people in the industry that will help listeners budget better, cook efficiently and plan more effectively. The podcast is packed full of practical tips that will make a genuine difference, while still focusing on good, healthy eating.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Credit: Tiny Leaps, Big Changes podcast
The health of freshers and returning students—as they navigate the complexities and stresses of their educational institutions—should always be protected and maintained. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes is a welfare podcast created to help people make small improvements on a daily basis.
It’s all about the tiny choices that everyone makes, which can be altered to create a more positive lifestyle. The podcast offers great advice on building new relationships, such as the friendships people will be exploring on their first few days. It engages its audience on elevating confidence and avoiding procrastination.
Ultimately, every personal hurdle that a student might come across, the podcast tackles head on with the help of experts.

TED Talks Daily

Credit: Ted Talks Daily podcast
TED Talks are known all over the world for their insightful discussions on a huge range of topics. They are a valuable resource that students will likely find themselves using at some stage during their studies.
TED Talks Daily is one of the many podcasts from the TED brand, and it's hosted by journalist Elise Hu. It’s a great way for students to put themselves in an academic mindset, while learning key skills about public speaking, presenting and how to convey an argument. But the podcast can also inspire students to think differently about their own studies, and could potentially even be credited as a source in an essay.
TED Talks Daily opens the mind to new ideas and will encourage students to think about the ways they communicate in their seminars and lectures.

Student radio

Credit: Leeds Student Radio
While every single one of these podcasts will help new students get to grips with what they need to know, there’s some personal research that every fresher can embark on. Most universities across the country have their own form of student radio. Some of those shows can often be found recorded and collected as podcasts online.
A few universities have even commissioned their own podcasts, putting their faculty and students in front of the mic in an official capacity. Regardless of the setup, it’s vital for students to look at the university they are attending and find out if there’s any form of audio for them to listen to. This is a great way to get a sense of the community they will be joining and will potentially offer up tailored advice that will have a direct impact on someone’s experience.
Plus, these podcasts will often talk about what’s going on around campus, highlighting fun events and key dates to put in the calendar.
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