5 London hotspots for coffee fanatics


6th Oct 2019 Travel

5 London hotspots for coffee fanatics

Although London is notoriously known for its tea drinking habits, we can’t deny that Londoners are also avid coffee fans. We've rounded up our top 5 favourite coffee hotspots in the city. 

The Association

With two locations near Aldgate and St Pauls, The Association knows how to make a perfect cup of coffee - and they know how to make it fast. Boasting a wide selection of espressos in their brew bar, The Association is a sure set destination for any coffee connoisseur. They rotate their coffee offerings every week to feature guest espresso and single-origin coffee. Prepare for hip interiors, punchy and citrusy strong espressos, and a great selection of pastries and Portuguese custard tarts. 


Kapihan brings together the unique flavours of South East Asia in their new Battersea location. Both a coffee house and bakery, their selected single-origin coffee roasts - uniquely sourced from the Philippines - is bound to give you a coffee experience like no other. 

Friendly staff and a contemporary interior make this one of the best coffee spots to visit in South West London. We recommend the Palawan Honey Latte, a smooth coffee with delicate notes of citrus-infused honey accompanied with a freshly baked coconut bun. 



Bringing the charm of Australian coffee to London - this café by day and bar by night concept suites every occasion. They boast some of the newest and most innovative coffee making techniques to ensure each cup they serve you is made to perfection. 

With vegetarian and vegan-friendly, their innovative brunch options promise a unique sensory experience using flavours that are ingeniously combined. We recommend the Japanese filter coffee accompanied by the kimchi and mature cheddar cheese toastie.

Kiss the Hippo

Crowned UK Barista of the Year 2019, Kiss the Hippo are certified professionals at making a good cup of coffee.  Based in Richmond and Fitzrovia, they are a speciality brand devoted to creating the ultimate coffee experience. They bring together elements of the quality of their coffee, and serving it in a beautiful space; to give you the most memorable experience.  

Sustainable in-house roasting is what makes their coffee-making process stand out. Kiss the Hippo's highly trained baristas, and their 'kaizen' approach ensures that each cup holds perfectly brewed coffee for you to enjoy.


Saudi Arabia based coffee brand, Jolt, now open in Fitzrovia, aims to give you the most theatrical coffee experience. Their unique single-origin beans create everything from fresh cold brews, smooth, delicate lattes, and nutty flat whites. Give them a visit to try their signature "Spanish Lattes"; fruit-focused multi-coloured drink marbled with condensed milk.

Enjoy their fresh coffee with their selections of halal pastries and toasties and watch their famous black glove-wearing baristas work their magic.


The coffee culture is booming, and this can only be a result of the increasing demand for artisanal coffee experiences. Also, coffee shops now have more options such as coffee machine leasing and renting, which allows for good coffee to be more affordable. So it comes as no surprise that so many coffee havens have popped up in London. 

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