5 Best digital tools for mature students


12th Mar 2020 Life

5 Best digital tools for mature students

Five digital tools that mature students need to download before going back to university, according to Margot Prince, UK Community Manager at leading online learning platform Quizlet.

Going back to university or learning a new skill is something many of us dream of doing. For those able to make this goal a reality, new technology and tools are likely to become invaluable.

Despite the excitement and enthusiasm that going back to school brings, staying organised whilst juggling adult life can be difficult. Luckily, with tech on your side, you can keep ahead of your deadlines with ease.

Whether it is a big presentation or a bumper exam that you are preparing for, these are the best digital tools to help you on your way.



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Balancing studying against other responsibilities can mean that finding a way to fit revision into a busy lifestyle can be tricky. This is where the online learning platform and app Quizlet comes in. With over 400 million user-generated study sets to choose from, Quizlet provides content on pretty much anything that you could want to learn about, from literary classics to chemical equations.

Quizlet’s digital flashcards also mean that you don’t have to be drowning in a sea of paper to revise. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet, so you can revise on the go. Through active recall and repetition, Quizlet will help to perfect performance, helping users to get the most out of their memory.




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If you are looking for a way to deliver a project presentation that will make more of an impact than the usual lines of text on a PowerPoint, Mentimeter is the tool for you. The interactive presentation platform allows users to pose questions, quizzes and polls to their audience, which audience members can then respond to in real-time via their smartphones.

Essentially, Mentimeter can help you to keep your audience engaged by giving them a way to easily participate in your presentation. As long as you nail the presentation itself, Mentimeter can help to keep things interesting and keep your audience on their collective toes—so you’ll never be met with silence after asking, “Any questions?”. 




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For all those whose writing style is a bit rusty after some time away from the books, Grammarly is great for finessing your prose. If you are trying to push your essay writing technique to the next level, Grammarly can check that your work makes grammatical sense and help you to enhance your vocabulary by suggesting alternative words to use.

Grammarly is a great tool for achieving a more professional tone in your writing and avoiding waffle, as it suggests ways to cut down on unnecessary words and meaningless phrases. This makes sure that you are clear and concise in your wording so that you can get to the point quicker. However, for more complex tasks, such as dissertations and research papers, you can use assistance of proofreaders from sites like cheappaperwriting.com.

Writing essays is stressful enough, so using Grammarly means that you have one less thing to worry about when trying to meet that big deadline.




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Coming back to university can feel quite overwhelming, especially if you are studying alongside other commitments, so having an app to help balance your mental wellbeing and personal development can be incredibly useful.

Remente is a great example of this: with content developed by a team of leading experts in psychology and mental training, this app works as a digital coach; an indispensable tool that helps keep the mind healthy and your time focused.




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Should you be going back to university to learn a new language, Memrise is a great tool to support your studies. This language app allows you to chat with other learners and teach each other your respective languages. It’s a fantastic way to practice your language skills in real life scenarios and gain some cultural insights while you are at it!

Memrise also lets you take virtual courses that allow you to work around a busy schedule, as the app lets you practice in bitesize chunks whenever you like. Learning a language can boost your job prospects, help you to live like a local for a year of studying abroad or just provide a fun and useful extracurricular activity. Whatever your reason for expanding your linguistic horizons, Memrise is a great place to start.


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