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4 things to do on a rainy day 

BY Rosie Greaves

27th May 2019 Life

Urgh, rain. Is there a more depressing type of weather? 

We think not. 

The majority of us hate being cooped up indoors. So, we've listed four fabulous things to do on a rainy day to help you make the most of your time indoors. 

Sound good? Great! Let's dive in!

1. Online Gaming 

Online gaming and gambling probably isn't something you participate in too often. So, a rainy day is the perfect opportunity to have a little flutter. There are plenty of legitimate sites out there, but there are also a few scam artists just waiting to steal your hard-earned cash -- so beware. 

If you're new to digital gaming, you can't go wrong with Matchbook, their site's secure, they have loads of fabulous deals, and there's plenty to choose from. 

2. Indulge in a Hot Drink

We're not talking about whipping up your usual instant mug of coffee. 

There is no better time to indulge in a luxurious hot drink than on a rainy day. Try mimicking the barista in your favourite coffee shop, if you're not sure how there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that'll undoubtedly steer you in the right direction. In next to no time you'll be crafting decadent hot chocolates and delicious flavoured coffees. 

Sipping on a hot drink wouldn't feel complete without treating yourself to a tasty snack. If you don't have any goodies in the cupboard, take the opportunity to try baking your own cakes, cookies, brownies- or whatever else floats your boat!

3. Curl up with a Good Book 

There's nothing pleasanter than curling up with a good book on a rainy day. Grab a snuggly blanket and don your favourite PJ's as you immerse yourself into whatever you're reading. 

It's safe to say, a lot of us have an annoying habit of buying the latest books and recommended reads, but never getting the chance to sit down and actually pick them up. Well, now's the time! 

4. Do Something Creative

There are so many artsy things you can do on a drizzly day. Have you ever tried scrapbooking before? Grab some old photos and whatever craft supplies you have lying around, and create something beautiful. A scrapbook is a lovely way to reminisce and cherish your most poignant memories. 

Alternatively, try drawing a picture, writing a poem, or attempting some other craft-based activity -- there are tons of fabulous ideas on Pinterest, so hopefully, a few of them will fuel your inspiration. 

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