3 Essential tips when buying a pair of roller-skates


26th Feb 2021 Life

3 Essential tips when buying a pair of roller-skates

Roller skating is one of the most fun and healthiest activities you can partake in. It’s also a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and is something you can do with the whole family. However, the fun you have will largely depend on the skates you buy.

If you buy the wrong type, they might not perform as well, wear easily, and not give you the comfort needed. Let’s take a look at a few things you’ll need to look out for when buying a pair of roller skates.

What do you intend to do with them?

The very first thing you have to do is access how you’re going to use them. There are some significant differences between indoor roller skates and outdoor roller skates. The biggest difference between the two is the hardness of the wheels.

Indoor skates will usually have harder wheels than outdoor roller skates. That’s because harder skates work great on smooth hard surfaces, while softer wheels will provide more shock absorption, which is essential when riding on gritty uneven surfaces. The size of the wheels will also be different. Indoor skates will usually have smaller wheels that allow you to make quick maneuvers while outdoor skates will have larger wheels that again provide more shock absorption.

If you want to do both indoor and outdoor skating, know that outdoor skates work better inside than indoor skates do outside. But, you ideally should pick the right skates depending on the application. Moreover, you can check these Cheap Skates under $50 by WowSkates in case you are looking for the high quality skates in reasonable rates.

Low-Top vs High-Top

You now have low-top skates which are very popular at roller derbies. There isn’t a significant difference between both styles, however. High-top boots tend to be used on rhythm and artistic skates. But, the difference really boils down to the look. If you want to get the nostalgic look, then go for high-tops. If you want a more discreet look and comfortable feel, then go for low-tops.

Soft-boot vs Hard-boot

In addition to the silhouette of the boots, you also need to pay attention to the rigidity as well. Hard boots will behave very differently than soft boots and will have different applications.

Hard boots are the best option for endurance rides. If you like to ride long distances, a hard boot will give you the support that you need. Another benefit of hard boots is that you can replace the liner when it begins to wear out.

Soft boots are much better for precision skating. If you want to be able to weave in and out of traffic on the rink or want to do some dancing, these are the best option. Another benefit of soft boots is that they tend to be more comfortable, have better ventilation, and are also lighter than rigid boots.

Make sure that you follow these few tips if you want to find the best roller skates for your needs. These will ensure that you have an enjoyable and comfortable ride and ensure optimal performance as well.

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