15 Of the best Bestival fancy-dress costumes

Jessica Lone Summers 20 July 2018

To celebrate Bestival’s 15th birthday, we take a look at the best fancy-dress costumes that have been in attendance

With the festival season in full swing and Bestival just around the corner it’s unquestionably time to start thinking about how to dress to impress at the most colourful event there is. Every year, revellers come out in full force—costumes and glitter in tow and with this year’s circus theme it’s set to be brighter than ever. But, what will you go as?

Find some other-worldly inspiration with our 15 favourites:


1. These easy-to-do yet hilarious Lego-heads have the smug expressions of people who know they’ve nailed their costumes


2. Check out this Star Wars-inspired ensemble, you wouldn’t want this wandering past your tent at night!


3. This chain and glitter getup is truly a work of make-up art


4. Can you spot this camouflaged crew?


5. That’s one way to protect yourself from sunburn


6. Pink to make the birds wink 


7. I spy with my nine eyes…


8. Perhaps the cheesiest costume yet


9. Looking for somewhere to charge your phone? This superhero has you covered 


10. If you seek out this duo you’ll be dancing with the stars


11. Well, you know what they say; necessity is the mother of invention


12. Grape to meet you!


13. This pair just radiate love


14. What a happy pair of disco divas


15. And, finally in true Bestival fashion, a party-goer who’s really putting the “fancy” in fancy-dress

What have these eccentric outfits inspired you to wear this year?

Bestival takes place between Thursday 2nd and Sunday 5th August at The Lulworth Estate—an enchanting, wooded country estate on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. Get tickets here.