11 Romantic celebrity love quotes

Reader's Digest Editors 19 July 2022

Celebrities offer some surprisingly romantic wisdom in these eleven beautiful and memorable quotes about love and relationships. 

Love is perhaps the most difficult human emotion to articulate. With our feelings too overwhelming, often, for words, it's natural to look to the quotes of others for inspiration. 

These eleven quotes about love from celebrities, ranging from authors to film stars, perfectly communicate the nuances of love and relationships—for better or worse. Whether that's the grand sweeping sense of real love or the small funny quirks that come with long-term relationships, there's sure to be the perfect quote about love here to send to your sweetheart. 

1. Author, Bell Hooks

Bell Hooks love quote

"The moment we choose to love, we begin to move towards freedom" – Bell Hooks

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2. Poet, WH Auden

WH Auden love quote

"Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those I love, I can: All of them make me laugh" – WH Auden

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3. Novelist, Kingsley Amis

Amis love quote

"Sex is a momentary itch; love never lets you go" – Kingsley Amis

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4. Singer, Cher

Cher love quote

"If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life" – Cher

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5. Novelist, Jane Austen

Jane Austen love quote

"Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love" – Jane Austen

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6. Philosopher, John-Paul Satre

John-Paul Satre love quote

"In love, one and one are one" – John-Paul Satre

7. Actor, Humphrey Bogart

bogart love

"I was born when you kissed me. I died when you left me. I lived a few weeks while you loved me" – Humphrey Bogart 

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8. The Simpsons creator, Matt Groening

Matt Groening love quote

"Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig and then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine gun" – Matt Groening 

9. Raconteur, Quentin Crisp

Quentin Crisp love quote

"The formula for achieving a successful relationship is simple: you should treat all disasters as if they were trivialities but never treat a triviality as if it were a disaster" – Quentin Crisp

10. Essayist, Alice Thomas Ellis

hamster love quote

"There is no reciprocity. Men love women, women love children, children love hamsters" – Alice Thomas Ellis

11. Novelist, Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie love quote

"It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realise just how much you love them" – Agatha Christie


These quotes were sourced from the Reader's Digest book of Quotable Quotes

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