10 best gambling books you should read

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27th Apr 2021 Life

10 best gambling books you should read

Do you have an interest in gambling? Whether you play online or go to casinos with your friends, gambling is a lot of fun.

To enhance your knowledge of card games, as well as famous players, it can be beneficial to read some gambling books. Thankfully, there are a lot to choose from and enjoy. Here are the 10 best gambling books you can read to get you started.


Bringing down the house

You may have heard about the MIT students who won millions at the Las Vegas casinos. We are talking about $10 million. Well, if you would like to know more about this story, you can read Bringing Down the House. This is an interesting book written by Ben Mezrich and you can enjoy learning all of the facts about how they rose to fame and fortune.

 Gambling for life: Harry Findlay

 Harry Findlay is referred to as a modern gambler and he wants to share how he won over $22million. While you are not promised to win millions like him, you can learn from his knowledge, as well as gain a better understanding of gambling. It is definitely an interesting book for anyone that likes to play at online casinos.


 Are you a fan of sports betting? This one's for you. Soccernomics is written by Simon Kuper and it is all about his strategy during the 2018 World Cup. It explores how he managed to win and the techniques he used. This is something that you can learn from and perhaps incorporate some of the strategies into your gambling today.

 The biggest bluff

 Next on our list is The Biggest Bluff by Maria Konnikova. This is one that a lot of poker players are going to enjoy. It gives into the psyche of a gambler, which might give you tips on how you can improve your game and read people better. Konnikova is a psychologist and this can make an interesting read if you want to know more about human behavior and how it relates to poker.

 One of a kind: The world’s greatest player

 If you are someone that loves to study poker players then you are bound to have heard of Stuey Ungar. But, you might not know his whole story. The book called One of a Kind: The World’s Greatest Player by Nolan Dalla is going to tell you. This is a novel that tells you all about his life, as well as how he succeeded at poker.

 Mensa guide to casino gambling: Winning ways

 For an overview of all casino games, we recommend reading Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning Ways. This is going to teach you how to play everything from craps and roulette to poker and slot machines.


The Confidence Game understand what people say and do around you.

The theory of poker

We have another Maria Konnikova book on our list. This one is called The Confidence Game. Bluffing and acting confident is so important in poker, as well as other forms of gambling. This is a book that can help you improve your game. But, it is also a good book for life and how to

If you are new to poker, the Theory of Poker can be a good book to start with. It is written by David Sklansky and you can learn about the concepts of the card game and how to play. The book is easy to read and he makes a good teacher. Indeed, a lot of famous poker players have read this book too.

Squares & sharps, suckers & sharks

Gambling is more than just playing games of chance and relying on luck. There is a lot of skill and psychology that goes into it. Well, this is what this book is going to explore. Square & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks is going to teach you more about the psychology and philosophy behind gambling, which can help you improve your game.


Sharp sports betting

Those that are new to sports betting are going to benefit from reading this book by Stanford Wong. You can learn everything you need to succeed at this type of gambling. This is referred to as a heavy book and one that is tough to read. But, it can be very rewarding and helpful for gambling.

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