The ultimate dad dancing compilation


1st Jan 2015 Humour

The ultimate dad dancing compilation

Everyone knows a dad dancer. Maybe you are one. Mowing the lawn, the awkward side step, raising the roof—they're all moves we love to hate. Put aside the cringe for a moment and revel in these clips of dads unashamedly busting some moves. 

Hit play and then scroll for the full dad dancing effect:

Dad dancing is so common, it should really be an Olympic event

bench dad dancing


It is so common in fact, that even Presidents do it

obama dancing


…and Oscar winners

Matt Damon


…and technology giants


Every dad has his signature moves

dad dance


Some are more distinctive than others…


But enthusiasm is the one constant of the sport

dad dancing


Did you know that there are Dad Dancing World Championships?


There are some lucky fathers whose children haven't yet learned to cringe


And for others, their kids are their biggest fans. Cute. 


Feature image via Tasteful Tatters