No more curious crockery: We want plates

Ross McGinnes is taking a stand. The UK's experimentation with serving vessels has gone too far, and he's demanding a return to the good old-fashioned plate with his hilarious Twitter account, @WeWantPlates

From seafood in a skip to chips in a miniature shopping trolly, here are the meals to have you screaming WE WANT PLATES! 

Bark-ing mad

"Remember that time we had dinner served on pieces of bark? Wasn't that great?"


Mushy peas in a sea-shell

As if scraping the bottom of the barrel wasn't bad enough (that's a barrel by the way). 

Squid in a clog

No really. A clog. 

Granola in a skrillet

Because a bowl would be weird. 

Bread in a cap

I find this serving suggestion a little... hairy!

Lunch in a shopping basket

Unexpected item in lunching area. 

Crab on a board, on a tray, wearing a samphire wig

Whatever happened to dying with dignity?

That food is rubbish

Prawn cocktail in a skip. Obviously. 

Header image via The New Potato