Hilarious passive aggressive windshield notes


1st Jan 2015 Humour

Hilarious passive aggressive windshield notes

These passive aggressive drivers and neighbours have provided us with inspiration for a note for every bad parking occasion. They might just inspire you to be more creative next time someone steals your spot. 

1. Those days when you feel like you're in Starsky and Hutch

sliding across hood of car
Image via Harmony Central



2. When their parking is so bad it's almost an achievement 



3. When there's snow chance you're letting it go

nature bad parking
Image via Acid Cow



4. It's a bad parking sandwich

free bread and stop parking here
Image via Sad and Useless



5. The ultimate insult

ice cream bad parking



6. This driver knows nothing

game of thrones parking
Image via The Old Reader



7. Practice makes perfect

stay in the lines parking
Image via Earthables



8. This driver left with a chip on their shoulder



9. Simple yet effective

chalk lines drawn around car
Image via IMGUR



10. Sometimes it's worth being petty

grumpy cat



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