Funny photos that feel incredibly British

Funny photos that feel incredibly British
A collection of humorous British photos
If there's one thing that Brits like to take part in, it's laughing at themselves and namely - Britain itself, we can't seem to help but take joy in the sillier parts of life in Britain, which is fair enough. And if you've ever had a funny mix up in calling Tesco big or little, rather than Tesco or Tesco express, then you may just relate to some of these photos!

Form a line

Animal queuing
In Britain, even the animals form orderly queues.

It almost happened

Boaty mcboatface
The fact that the ship name 'Boaty McBoatface' almost happened as result of a pubic poll is one of the most British things in recent memory.

Come rain or shine

British postman in rain
We really admire postmans persistence, despite the weather.

Welcome to Dull

Dull, Britain
This one is very on the nose, but there are quite a few funny/odd British place names.

No Crime..... for a time

No crime sign
We're very orderly in Britain, even with committing crimes it seems.

An interesting line up

Uxbridge election 2019
Yes this is a real photo, at the results of the 2019 election at Uxbridge, it's great to see Lord Buckethead and Elmo get representation at the local level.

So that's what it's like

What's england like
We feel like this is a somewhat decent summary of Britain.

Quintessential Britain

Most British photo ever
The only things missing is tea, a member of the Royal family and rain.

Great British Bake Off feelings

GBBO - depressing
Still unclear on whether this contestant was describing either his mood on the show or the average British summer.
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